Honeycomb Carbon Install Pics

One of Vivid Racing’s sales guys bought the first pair of hexagonal, or honeycombed, backed Status seats for his Honda. He bought them with two-tone ultra suede and custom bright green stitching. He got them just in time for the Eibach Honda Meet. Before we put them in his car, we put them in the GT-R project car that Vivid has. It was a quick shoot because they were on their way to Eibach Honda Meet, but here are the picture from the GT-R shoot, some from the Eibach Honda Meet and others from a recent shoot we did.

We will be getting our first set of red colored carbon backed seats in soon. We will be doing a more extensive shoot with those and maybe another shoot with the hexagonal back, who knows. What do you think of the new Honeycombed carbon? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



















STÄTUS gets a Part in the Latest Tuner Evolution Video

This customer worked with our sales guy Anthony (anthony@statusracing.com ext. 247) to pick out a pair of FRP backed, black cloth seats for his unique EVO X a while back. This EVO IX is part of the Tuner Evolution in Philadelphia. SNTRL, a lifestyle publication, featured the latest Tuner Evolution video along with some awesome pictures, in their most recent Car Life article. Check out the video and photo shoot below.

Tuner Evolution | Official Promo | Philadelphia – Aug 3, 2013 from Kenny Cano on Vimeo.

More Weekend Racers can be FIA Approved

All medium-husky weekend racers can now celebrate! We are excited to announce that our STÄTUS Ring GT-X with the carbon fiber backing has been FIA approved. Until now, we could only offer one type of STATUS seat to those looking for an FIA approved racing seat. The first seat to get approved was our STATUS Ring seat with FRP backing. One of the best parts about STÄTUS seats is the customization opportunities. Each seat is made to order, so it can be tailored to fit any unique or outlandish interiors. STATUS is perpetually inspired by those who push the creative limits with their interior. Now we have something else to offer those who want to be creative and have an FIA approved seat.

The Ring GT-X normally fits a 36 inch waists; however, we have seen people with 32 inch say they barely fit and people with 38 say it fits perfectly. It is all about how you like your fitment.  We do intend to move forward and get other STATUS seats approved, but the approval process takes time and money. In addition to two FIA Approved seats, we also offer 5 and 6pt harnesses that are FIA approved. Get the perfect setup for your ride by using our online seat configurator. We pioneered the configurator to help people to see, share and order, the exact seats they want. We also have a new program that will get a free pair of Status Ring seats in your car without paying a dime.

Here are some videos and picture of the seats being tested. If you have questions about the GT-X or any of our other seats email us at sales@statusracing.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

(NOTE: The FIA approval is only for GT-X with the regular carbon fiber backing and does not include the color or WASP (hexagonal) carbon.)










STÄTUS Hits the Shoreline in a Sexy Evo X

This is an awesome photoshoot we got from a customer. The car seem so out of place but, so in-place at the same time. It’s like the new meets the old. The sand softens the look of the car and the hard edges and bold colors give the beach life. This car’s look is screaming in the middle of no where. It’s so loud and yet there’s no one around to hear it. The eeriness of the shoot is awesome for the car. We see shoots all the time of cars like this in fast-pace cityscapes, with tall building hard concrete streets, etc. This scene give so much more than the “traditional” shoot does. So to Thomas Cristiano Valmonte Y Alicante we say thank you for giving us the contemporary contrast of this photoshoot, and thanks for reppin’ our seats!

Let us know what you think of car, photo shoot and or the seats on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

New Colored Carbon Backing Released

As promised, we are now offering a red colored carbon. We showed you a preview of it with the hexagonal carbon, but it is now available for purchase. This red carbon has an almost burgundy tint to it, that gives it more distinction. The look is something no one else is offering. If you have a white or black Porsche or Mercedes, this colored carbon backing with some white diamond stitching, on cream leather would be amazing. It would be the perfect contrast, that sets your interior apart from all other cars.

Here are the pictures of the first set of backing’s we have made. We will wait for the seats to come in and do the install pics later as well. If you want a pair of STÄTUS seats, but they’re a little out of your price range, check out our latest sponsorship program. Tell us what car or seat combination you would create with this new colored carbon backing on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.










Lambo and Camaro get similar STÄTUS Seats

These are two different customers who built their custom STÄTUS seats separatly, however, they are strikingly similar. One owner is putting his leather, ultra suede combination with custom diamond stitching, in his Camaro ZL 770. The other unique thing that this STÄTUS customer chose to do is stitch his logo into the top of the seat like you see below. The other set of ultra suede with custom diamond stitching will be going in an incredible Lamborghini Gallardo. Here are the amazing custom seats. We will update you will install pics once they get them.

Want a Free Pair of STÄTUS Seats?

People approach us on a daily basis asking us to sponsor their car and give them a free set of STÄTUS seats, in return, they will send us pictures, get us press, etc. When Vivid Racing first partnered with us, this was how we got our seats in a lot of really cool cars. After a while people only came to us for free seats, and then a lot of time, wouldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Our goal was to figure out a mutually beneficial program to get STÄTUS seats to people who want to them, but don’t have the money right now. That’s when we came up with this new STÄTUS Racing Seat sponsorship program.

Starting today, any individual can earn a set of free standard (FRP/cloth) ring seats after they sell 5 seats at the retail price. If you want to upgrade your free set of seats, you will have to pay for the individual upgrades (i.e. icon features, different seat style, etc.) on your own. This means a pair of seats that would have cost you around $1,400, will now be free or, only cost you the price of the upgrades.


How to put in a seat order?

You will have to call into our STÄTUS sales team and place your order with one of our STÄTUS representatives in order for the seat sale to count towards your free set.

What are the benefits?

  • You pay nothing out of pocket
  • You get a free set of STÄTUS seats
  • You only have to sell 5 seats!

How to get signed up?

  • Call us at 1.480.265.8600 M-F from 9-6 PST.
  • Email us at sales@statusracing.com
  • Message us on Facebook, Instagram @thestatusracing or Twitter.

What’s the difference in STÄTUS seats and materials?