Corn Fed Racing 2013 Promo Video!

One of our premier sponsorship clients Corn Fed Racing has just released their latest promo video. You can see that no other seat would do for this SCCA race car.

Alex and David run the STÄTUS Racing Ring GT model seats and STÄTUS Racing 5 point harnesses. You can see in the video that this car is a purpose built performance car that fully utilizes the safety and support that the STÄTUS Seats provide.

Welcome 6TWO1 to the STÄTUS Family

We are super pumped to introduce the newest Status Racing Dealer in the UK! We got some info from their site along with a little Q and A with them. He is the FIRST Status Dealer to import seats into the UK. If you’re near Ivell House Commerce Way in Colchester, Essex, you better capitalize on having some of the finest, most custom seats in the world in your neighborhood! Everyone go like their FB page and make them feel welcome! If you’re not in the UK and want to know where to buy, you can check it out HERE!

Here’s a video about their shop and some pictures. SCROLL FOR THE Q & A!

What is 6TWO1:

6TWO1 is the online hub for all Honda enthusiasts.

Our growing parts store offering some of the finest upgrades for your Honda direct from the best manufacturers on the globe.
We also host our high quality blog with all of our OWN original photography & features, with an occasional guest appearance from other Honda Photographers.


YES! We do! come down & Visit us : Please call ahead : 01206865544

When did it all begin?

6TWO1 was just a personal blog for creator Adam Ivell, used to document not just his passion for Car’s but his trips abroad, this in late 2010 become mainly used for just car content & 2011 saw the rise in popularity through out the Honda world that he has been a part of from a young age. The site has grown in popularity seeing thousands of unique visitors every few days from all over the world.

Where did the name come from?

The name 6TWO1 comes once again from Creator Adam Ivell’s personal background. His father purchased him a private plate when he was very young to attach to his first car upon turning 17. The plate read AJI 621. When the blog first started it was under a different guise of INITFORTHESTATUS. After feeling this was to much of a mouthful to pronounce and get everyone to visit, it was changed and 6TWO1 was born. The number changing to a word was due to some art guy owning before I could get my hands on it.

How can we buy from you and trust your service?

Before 6TWO1 started being an online parts store. I built my own webstores off the back of the family business of office furniture. Still running to this day in the same office as & I pride myself on giving 100% in sales as I know people work long and hard for their money and when you purchase items you expect the best service & value for money. Trust me when I say I know this, as I build cars too! So I know the pain and suffering of bad service & how it can affect the build!



Blue Carbon Available for Purchase TODAY!

We are finally ready to release the blue carbon seats on the world. As we’ve said in the past, we’ve been at work this year. 2013 has been a year of new products for us. We have had the honeycomb carbon, the red carbon, and now blue carbon. Along with the various color of carbons we got out GT-X seat FIA approved. All these changes are based on feedback we’ve gotten through our social media and customer feedback. So just know your suggestions don’t fall on deaf ears. You can also look forward to some other new products to debut in November at a certain car show, but we’ve already said too much, back to the blue carbon.

The blue weave gives it a navy blue look. Same with the red carbon, the seat can look like different colors depending on the lighting. With no light (as you will see in the picture below) it looks like navy blue. Then when you put the back directly in the light the blue comes to life. The blue is so vibrant it’s hard to take your eyes off of it. Here are pictures of the first blue carbon backed seats to be produced. We will be doing a follow up in the future with more pictures once we get the seat in the shop.

What do you think of the blue carbon? What car would you like to see it in? What fabric would you put with it? So many questions, we want to know what you think! Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.







Sexy RS4 Doin’ Work on the Track

Another super pumped Status customer rippin’ up the race track. After we sold the seats to this guy we didn’t hear from him for a while. Wondering if he was satisfied with the seats or not, we finally got this email from him along with this awesome preview to what he’s been using his seats for. He said he will send more pictures but until then, this is what he had to say about his experience with his Status Racing Seats,


First off I really must apologize for not speaking with you sooner. Life has been absolutely crazy for me the past few weeks/months but things are beginning to slow down and I am happy to report I am loving the seats.

Install went great other than the stock seats having airbags in them which took me a couple weeks to get around not having the airbag light on the dash.

I have attended probably 6 autocross this year and the seats shined especially well in their performance at these events. Status Racing was listed as a sponsor of my car at all of these events an i had countless people drooling over the seats and asking to take closer looks and sit in them. Definitely the centerpiece of the car. I plan on doing 2 more auto crosses this season and probably a few test and tune nights at the drag strip this fall.

I have attached below a photo of the car in action at the SCCA Solo National Match Tour event at Grissom Air Force Base in Peru, IN. I run the car on 18″ enkei’s with Hoosier R compound tires for events.  The car was a hit….easily one the top 5 fastest daily driver 4 doors there out of 200+ cars. Everyone was interested in it and I think I can honestly say not one person who looked inside went without commenting on the seats.

Thanks again”

It’s amazing to hear the stories and see the places our seats get to travel. If you have an update on what you’ve been doing with your seat, email it to



Preview into the Cockpit of this Custom G8

It’s awesome when we get pictures from people without even asking. These pictures came from a customer who was so pumped about his seats, he just had to share. He owns a Pontiac G8 and man do these seats make this car look good. The G8 is sexy enough by itself, but upgrading the interior makes the badass-ness of the car more well rounded.

He chose to make his driver’s seat the thrown. He customized the Status seat to match the stock passenger seat, but with a little more pop. The black leather and diamond stitched ultra suede look remarkable with the rest of the black and red accents in the car. Then to top it off the Red Status Harness compliments who look. The passenger will surely feel like they’re in the cockpit of a race car in this G8.

Take a look and let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you’re interested in getting your own customer Status Racing Seat, email Create your own custom creation using out seat configurator. Make your seat then share it with your friends and tag us in your craziest creation. If you don’t have seats and want to rep Status, check out our new Status shirts.