The Perfect Custom Seats for this Aggressively Sleek Subaru

This Subaru has been called, “Tastefully modded, aggressive and sleek; not overdone, but done with great attention to detail.” We couldn’t agree more. This customer obviously had a big picture for this build. This is not his first build and probably won’t be his last. The carbon on the accents and flows with the design of the stock body. It doesn’t modify, it amplifies the Subaru design and essence. Of course, this thing turns heads, that goes without saying. But we have a fond appreciation for the people who take time to enhance the place they spend the most time. Yes, we are a seat company, but that’s not the whole reason we appreciate interiors. We love custom interiors because it’s like decorating the inside of your house. We just feel that a custom interior allows you to see and enjoy your hard earned money.

These were the exact word from the customer when he received his seats,  “Omg omg I love them!!!” What more can we say!

His build is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while. He chose out Status Spa reclinable seats with gray ultrasuede and white stitching to compliment his silver ride. He also has red accents in his Volk wheels and the stickers on his car, so what better way to finish off a set of Status Spa seats, than a pair of Red, FIA Approved, Status Racing Harnesses. We are so pumped to present his build. The pictures below are a compilation of emails that we’ve gotten from him since he bought his seats.




Our Superstar Subie is at it Again

It is the end of the year and as most people do they think back on the year and what they’ve accomplished. Then look forward to the new year and start to plot how they are going to take over the world in 2014…. At least that’s what we do… Cruising on Instagram we were tagged in a picture by a Subaru we sponsored and the caption was,

“The year is almost over, and I just wanted to thank all the people who have helped me over the years. Friends, family, and sponsors, I thank you!”

It wasn’t long, it probably didn’t take much time, and yet made such an impression on us. Some sponsorship’s in the past, have gone somewhat awry. We, like most people, appreciate when people take time to give a shout out. It shows that not only did we help an awesome build, but an awesome person come that much closer to reaching their goal. Enough of our holiday sapp. Here are more recent stellar photos of this Superstar Subaru.

If we’ve sponsored you in the past, send us an update and pictures of your seats. You can them to email


First Set of Red Carbon Seats Installed – Pictures

What’s sexier than red carbon backed Status Seats? Nothing! The red carbon seats were so popular that we only had them for a couple days to grab pictures before they were out the door and off to our customer in New York. The red carbon is such a cool addition to a Status seat. The variation of colors that the red carbon material displays in different lights is like have three seats in one. In direct light it look like a violent red, really loud and vibrant. In less light exposure they have Burgundy (no relation to Ron) color that is rich and classy. When it’s a bright day, but the sun isn’t directly on the seats it matches the stitching on the seat almost exactly. The blue carbon has a similar deviation of color.

We are excited to present you with pictures of our highly anticipated Red Carbon backed Status Racing Seats. The red carbon seats are accompanied by a set of our FIA Approved Harnesses. BRZ’s already get a lot of looks from the outside because of the shape, design and performance. Now this BRZ owner has a reason to flaunt his interior more than his exterior.

Let us know what you think of the Red carbon seats on this BRZ. You can tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you want more information on Status Racing Seats, check us out on YouTube. We have videos showing how the seats are made, the different bluered, and WASP carbon seats up close and personal, along with our FIA approved seats being crash tested. Design and create your own custom Status Racing Seat with our Status Icon Seat Configurator.





Honda S2000 Updated it’s Status

This Honda S2000 is in the middle of a build but we wanted to show you some before and after pictures. We will post more pictures once his other parts come in. He’s rock the red fabric seats with FRP backing. He has obviously already done some external mods to it, but not project car is really ever finished. So until we get the pictures of his new gear, you’re going to have to drool over these.

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