Fiebruz Motorsports Joins the Status Family

We are really excited to have Fiebruz Motorsports representing the Status Racing name in Puerto Rico. They just recieved their shipment of Status seats and this is one good looking army of seats. The color combinations of stitching and fabric are perfect for the drivers wanting something out of he box, but still classic enough for a daily. We are excited to see all the tuners south of the border rocking Status Racing.

If you’re in Puerto Rico, or any of the surrounding countries, Fiebruz is going to be your Status Racing headquarters. If their site is any indication of the quality of work they do, then you’re in good hands.  We want to thank Fiebruz for sending us these pictures, check them out here.


Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

We’ve said it before, and you’ll probably hear it again, but we have the best customers and dealers in all the land. This customer takes his car to any and all events around him. Not only does he do a stellar job of repping Status at each event, but he even lets people sit in his car, so they can get the feel of being behind the wheel in the seat. As we do with all of our customers we asked him to send in pictures and a review of how he likes his seats. Here’s what he had to say,

Every time I bring my car to events I’m answering questions left and right about my seats and how they could proceed in getting some. I tell them about them size differences, styles, fabrics, and color options. I let them sit in my car to get a good feel for how they feel behind a wheel and at a car height!”

It’s not like his car needs much effort to get attention. The awesome yellow of his S2000seems to do the trick to attract attention. However, most people are pleasantly surprised to see custom seats that compliment the overall design of the car. The black almost blends in, until the pop of the yellow stitching and Status logo catch your eye, then you’re hooked. We are proud to have such awesome people representing our product.

If you have picture of your seats or want to send us a review of your seat, you can email it to, and who knows, maybe we’ll put it up on our blog. If you don’t want to send pictures, just tag us on Instagram (@thestatusracing) or Facebook.


One and Done

We have a ton of Status fans who are desperate to get our Status Racing seats in their cars, but need to save up some cash first. If you’re in that boat, you could do what this customer has done. Buy one seat that matches the stock seats until you can save up to get the other. Other customer’s of our have also done this same thing because they track their daily on the weekend and need an FIA Approved seat, so they make the seat close to stock in order to keep the look consistent. Whatever the reason is, this is a great solution to a common problem we see among customers. Don’t let an excuse get in the way of getting the seat of your dreams!

Enjoy some awesome shots of this customer’s black leather with black ultra suede center and carbon fiber backing Status Racing seat.







Status Gets Dirty at the San Felipe 250

We wrote about a guy who was using our Status Racing Harnesses in the Mint 400 race the other day. We mentioned in that blog that it would be cool to see our seats in the off-road market. A couple days ago we got this email from one of our customers. He will be running his UTV in the Baja 500 in June. He needed a set of seats that could go as hard as his buggy does. These Ring GT-X ultra suede seats with FRP backing are just what this off-road junkie needs to keep him secure on his dare devil dirt runs.

Here’s what he reported back about the San Felipe 250 he recently finished.

“We had a great race and were in 2nd place when we blew a shock about 20 miles from the finish. Luckily it was right before our last pit and were able to get it changed bust lost a couple positions. We ended up fourth but had a good day. We are prepping the car and dialing it in for the next race (Imperial Valley 250 on April 26th).”

We are excited to see what this UTV does in the future in the off-road scene. Until then, here are some pictures he took at the San Felipe 250. If you have an off-road warrior that you need seats in hit us up


Status Represents at Back-to-Back Events

This past weekend was an awesome experience. We met so many people from all different backgrounds and were able to show them the Status brand and why it is different than other seat brands out there. Some people we spoke with were unfamiliar with the industry but thought that the idea of buying a whole new set of seats was kind of crazy. Then we talked with other people who had heard of the brand but had never seen the product in person. Across the board, we were excited to get the Status brand in front of people at the Xtreme Xperience event with Vivid Racing. As well as, the grand opening of Murica Motorsports.

The Vivid Racing Meet Up and Xtreme Xperience Track day was awesome. Getting outside on a Saturday to watch people’s dreams of tracking a supercar come true was awesome. The meet up was great because we got to see local people come out and represent their build, but also meet people who aren’t as familiar with the car scene. After representing at the Xtreme Xperience event we packed up and headed over to the grand opening of Murica Motorsports.

The guys who started Murica Motorsports have been in the local car scene for a while, so we knew this event was going to be packed with custom rides. They didn’t disappoint! We don’t just like them because of their connect with the local car scene. We like them for their grass-root foundation. Like us, they are taking a relational approach to business. Building up a name through relationships with customers and selling a product that is backed by quality and integrity. Congrats to Murica, we are excited to work with you in the future.

Below are a mix of pictures from Xtreme Xperience and the Murica Motorsports event. Check out all the supercars that were out at the Xtreme Xperience event HERE. Check out all the photo from the Murica event HERE. If you were at either event and got pictures in our seats be sure to tag us in them #statusracing.