Custom Status Racing Icon Seats Coming to the UK

We told you back in September, that we now have an official STÄTUS Racing dealer in the UK. Why is this so cool? We have a ton of Status Racing fans across the pond, that have had a super hard time getting seats due to shipping. 6two1 is now the place to get your seats if you’re in the UK. He made a stocking order back in September, and is ready to make another order, due to demand in seats. If you’re in the UK and want to order one of our Customer Status Racing Icon Seats, please contact 6two1 or email and we can get you in touch with 6two1.

The other reason we are so pumped about working with 6two1 is because we get to work with this guy… (Forward to 4:30 for the announcement about Status Racing Seats.) So once again, if you’re in the UK and want any custom seat, please get in touch with us or 6two1. They will be sure to put your order in and get it sent over with their stocking order. Figure out what your custom Status Racing Icon Seat will look like by designing it yourself with our Status Racing Seat Configurator.

Attention all Texan Tuners

If you are near Temple Texas, you are one of the lucky ones! STATUS Racing works with a small dealer network both around the US and internationally. Tuner Ready Motorsports is one of our main distributors located in central Texas and serving not only in the United States but internationally. Here at STATUS, we are confident that when we send a customer their way, Tuner Ready will handle them with the utmost respect and in a professional manner. Many people who buy our seats want to see them in person or test fit the different sizes—visiting Tuner Ready’s showroom, you can see several different models, sizes, and colors! STATUS Seats are in such high demand however, you should call ahead of time if there is a specific seat you would like to see a demo of.

Tuner Ready Motorsports is capable of outfitting you ride from STATUS Seats, to air fresheners, to suspension or performance upgrades—anything you need, they have it! But the best part of Tuner Ready are the highly knowledgeable staff who have been in the industry turning wrenches since they had their first car. They are passionate about the industry, about cars, and about taking care of their customers. If you check out their Facebook Page (Tuner Ready Motorsports) or their Facebook Group (GOONSQUAD), you will see that they have a ton of customer who are huge STATUS Racing fans. For all of our STATUS Racing fans stationed at Fort Hood, Tuner Ready is only a 15 minute drive. Stop in, shop around and see what Tuner Ready can do for your ride.

If you are looking for the best price on a set of you dream seats, Tuner Ready Motorsports is your friendly neighborhood shop that ships worldwide! Give them a call 254-774-9080. If you’re no where near Temple Texas, but want to find a Status Dealer near you, fill out the form on our Where to Buy section and we will let you know what dealer is located near you! If you’re bored, check out our Status Racing Seat Configurator. You will be able to design and share your custom Status Racing Seat.





Status Racing and Proper Garage Join Forces

Proper Garage and Status Racing started from a similar idea, give people a unique product that is a cut above the rest. For Proper Garage, they offer exceptional coverage of garage lifestyle. Their unique experiences have lead them to document all forms of culture which, “Transcend from their initial roots.” Status spawned from the idea that people want quality products, that represent who they are as an individual. With both Proper and Status aiming to offer a unique experience for visitors and customers, it would only make sense that we collaborate.

Through our relationship, we’ve setup a ton of super custom cars, with drop-dead sexy custom racing seats. This is customer rocks a 2009 Lexus IS 250, equipped with a LMS Supercharger kit (1 of 5 ever made), Ksport Air Suspension with accuair e-level management, as well as a sexy set of wheels and carbon additions; like a full carbon hood. To match the rare, exclusive natural of the car’s exterior, he teamed up with us to get a set of Red leather and Black diamond stitched, ultra suede Status Racing seats. What’s a set of racing seats without the harnesses? These all Black, FIA approved, Status Harnesses help to finish the look.

When you’re browsing around, be sure to check out Proper Garage. Let us know what you think of the whole combination, inside and out! Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Design your own custom racing seat HERE.



Chase Bays 2013 SEMA FR-S Revealed

This is a build we’ve been following for a while, we are so excited it’s debut date is right around the corner. Chase Bays has pulled all the stops with this build and it’s apparent in the fun design they have. A lot of cars at SEMA have serious, more sophisticated looks to them. We personally like this Chase Bays FR-S because it says, “Ya, we can’ build a BA car and like to party!” That’s what Status is about! We like our customers and dealers alike to have free expression, and fun. If you’re not having fun in your car, what’s the point!

Here’s their first photoshoot. We’re waiting to get more pictures of the seats. We will post those when we get them, until then, enjoy!

New Harness Color Combinations Available

If you’re an experienced or skilled racer, you know the importance of safety equipment while racing. Status was designed to give racers and car enthusiasts alike, the highest quality in design and function. As of recently, we have been focusing on the design feature of our products. With the release of so many new seat backings and other seat upgrades, we thought it was time to catch the harness game up! Before today you were able to get them in Red with red stitching or black with black stitching. As of today, you can now order black harness with red stitching and black harness with white stitching.

We are still looking into other color patterns. Which pattern would like for your car? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Scroll for more information about Status Racing Harnesses and click here to find a status dealer near you! Check out more pictures of the new harnesses HERE.

black 5pt status racing harness w/ white stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ white stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ white stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ red stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ red stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ red stitching

“One of the most important pieces safety equipment for your car is a racing harness. Status Racing brings the same top quality design to these harnesses as they do their seats. Available are 4 point, 5point, and 6 point harness kits. The harness kits are 3 inch belts, on both the lap, and shoulders. The 5th or 6th point sub belt is 2 inch. The shoulder belts are long enough to extend to the rear seats of sedans or can be wrapped around a roll cage harness bar. A very easy to use Cam Lock design allows for quick disconnect of the belts. This CNC machined aluminum part features an engraved Status Racing logo while the shoulder belts have a rubberized pad with the Status name in them as well. All Status Racing harnesses are a clip in design that allows you to easily install and remove the belts. Each Status Racing Harness includes the necessary eye bolts for a quick installation. The Status Racing 5 and 6 point Harnesses are FIA approved so you can ensure you are equipping your vehicle with proper safety equipment. Harness kits are sold per seat.”

New STÄTUS Racing Shirts – Limited Order Now

It’s been a while since we updated our Status Gear. This is the first of many shirts to come. We first previewed these shirts at Nisei. The idea behind this shirt is you need to upgrade your life with a Status Racing Seat. Once you buy a Status Racing seat, you will get a follow up to this shirt that say, “STATUS… Updated.” Then you’re official, like a referee with a whistle!

There are limited quantities of these, so get em while they’re hot! We have them in S, M, L and XL. If we don’t have your size and you would like one please comment below or email This will give us the information we need to get the correct sizes next time.

The shirts are $20 and you can pay through PayPal HERE! Tell us what you think of the shirts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If you buy a shirt, take a pictures and tag us in it. We want to start a gallery of all the picture submissions we get.



Get Intimate with Our WASP Carbon Seats

Since the beginning STÄTUS has been known for their crazy customization options. Being independently owned and made in the USA, we have a lot of freedom to test the creative limits with our seats. We love our customers who get ostrich seats (yes, that’s an actual option) for their C63, or decide to put red cloth seats in their deep purple car for a pop of color.  Whatever the combination is, we can make it happen. We’ve had a lot of change recently. We released the new honeycomb carbon or WASP carbon seats. We followed those up with our red colored carbon seats, then made dreams come true with the announcement of the Ring GT-X being FIA approved for all of our medium husky STÄTUS fans out there. Our most recent leak is about our next custom blue colored carbon. We should be getting those in any day now, so stay tuned! For now we are going to show you our WASP carbon seats in a new light. Here’s a video that gives you a more intimate look at the seat and the backing. We should have a similar preview of the red colored carbon by July, so watch for that.

We recently up graded our configurator with the latest seat options. You can now play with the full line of customization options. Let us know what you think of the video and all the recent events we’ve released. We want to know what  you like and don’t like about the new seats. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter and maybe tag us in a video message on Instagram #RIPVINE!

Red Carbon Pictures Released

The moment most of you have been waiting for. The final pictures of the red carbon seats. When the hexagonal carbon came out, we thought that would be our favorite new carbon backing. It looked so aggressive, unique and could add a personal touch to the interior of any car. Even when we saw the preliminary pictures of the red carbon, we weren’t as excited as when we got the initial hexagonal pictures. It wasn’t until we saw them in person and completely finished that these things blew our mind. The variation in colors that this backing offers is crazy. We tried to communicate the color differences in the pictures below. To say the least, they are by far, the sickest carbon we have available now. If you’re on the fence about buying them, just know, the pictures don’t do this backing justice.

Obviously not everyone has our opinion, the second that we sent pictures to our dealers the first pair was gone. The buyer didn’t need the pictures from the final photo shoot to make their decision. We can’t wait to see the blue carbon in person. Sky’s the limit! We have been asking on Facebook and Instagram what color of carbon people would like to see. From all the suggestions we like the idea of a white carbon the best. What color carbon would you want if we could offer it? Let us know in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Below is a culmination of the pictures we have received from the beginning of the red carbon to present. Enjoy!




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Preview of the New Blue Steel Backing

If you got the Zoolander reference, congratulations, we can be friends. If you didn’t, we suggest you rent the movie ASAP, now back to the seats. Over the past couple weeks we’ve been slowly releasing new STÄTUS exclusive seat backs. We are the only ones who offer anything like this in the industry. We’ve released the hexagonal carbon, that people fell in love with. Then we blew their minds with our first colored carbon, they sold the day we got them. Now we are really outdoing ourselves by teasing you with a sexy, fresh, blue carbon, that is sure to turn heads. With the color options of fabric and stitching we have too, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of fabric and stitching, if you saw the photo shoot we did of the hexagonal (honeycomb) carbon. You may have noticed and upgrade that hasn’t been available until now. You can get the STÄTUS logo stitched one color and then have the outlining be a different color. The other icon upgrade you can get is having the STÄTUS logo be stitched on the back of the seat (Scroll to see pictures of both options). Both of those upgrade are through our icon program.

For more information on the blue, red, or hexagonal carbon seats or the icon options, email Tell us what you think of the new blue colored carbon in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



More Weekend Racers can be FIA Approved

All medium-husky weekend racers can now celebrate! We are excited to announce that our STÄTUS Ring GT-X with the carbon fiber backing has been FIA approved. Until now, we could only offer one type of STATUS seat to those looking for an FIA approved racing seat. The first seat to get approved was our STATUS Ring seat with FRP backing. One of the best parts about STÄTUS seats is the customization opportunities. Each seat is made to order, so it can be tailored to fit any unique or outlandish interiors. STATUS is perpetually inspired by those who push the creative limits with their interior. Now we have something else to offer those who want to be creative and have an FIA approved seat.

The Ring GT-X normally fits a 36 inch waists; however, we have seen people with 32 inch say they barely fit and people with 38 say it fits perfectly. It is all about how you like your fitment.  We do intend to move forward and get other STATUS seats approved, but the approval process takes time and money. In addition to two FIA Approved seats, we also offer 5 and 6pt harnesses that are FIA approved. Get the perfect setup for your ride by using our online seat configurator. We pioneered the configurator to help people to see, share and order, the exact seats they want. We also have a new program that will get a free pair of Status Ring seats in your car without paying a dime.

Here are some videos and picture of the seats being tested. If you have questions about the GT-X or any of our other seats email us at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

(NOTE: The FIA approval is only for GT-X with the regular carbon fiber backing and does not include the color or WASP (hexagonal) carbon.)