Want a Free Pair of STÄTUS Seats?

People approach us on a daily basis asking us to sponsor their car and give them a free set of STÄTUS seats, in return, they will send us pictures, get us press, etc. When Vivid Racing first partnered with us, this was how we got our seats in a lot of really cool cars. After a while people only came to us for free seats, and then a lot of time, wouldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Our goal was to figure out a mutually beneficial program to get STÄTUS seats to people who want to them, but don’t have the money right now. That’s when we came up with this new STÄTUS Racing Seat sponsorship program.

Starting today, any individual can earn a set of free standard (FRP/cloth) ring seats after they sell 5 seats at the retail price. If you want to upgrade your free set of seats, you will have to pay for the individual upgrades (i.e. icon features, different seat style, etc.) on your own. This means a pair of seats that would have cost you around $1,400, will now be free or, only cost you the price of the upgrades.


How to put in a seat order?

You will have to call into our STÄTUS sales team and place your order with one of our STÄTUS representatives in order for the seat sale to count towards your free set.

What are the benefits?

  • You pay nothing out of pocket
  • You get a free set of STÄTUS seats
  • You only have to sell 5 seats!

How to get signed up?

  • Call us at 1.480.265.8600 M-F from 9-6 PST.
  • Email us at sales@statusracing.com
  • Message us on Facebook, Instagram @thestatusracing or Twitter.

What’s the difference in STÄTUS seats and materials?

New Color Carbon and Hexagonal Backing

A couple weeks ago we announced that we have a new backing available, and would be releasing more backs and other pictures of the hexagonal backing. Our first seat came out of production with the new backing and it looks sick! We are so excited to offer not only our FRP and carbon backing but now a colored carbon and a hexagonal designed backs. The hexagonal backing looks so unique and aggressive on the seat, we can’t wait to see the red carbon on an actual seat. It’s going to give your car that pop of color that no other car has. We are the only one’s on the market offering this range of customization options and this many different types of backing. Once these seats make their way to us, we will be releasing install pictures that will make you melt.

These seats are no joke, if you want to step your game up and be a real STÄTUS symbol, email sales@statusracing.com and get your custom order in today! We are still taking votes of what car to install the new seat backs in. What car would you like to see the hexagonal and red carbon backing in? Cast your vote in the comment section below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.











New STÄTUS Video

Here at STÄTUS we get a lot of the same questions from customers and dealers like, what size waist will the Ring fit? What can I customize on my seat? Do you have a seat that reclines? Are any of your seats FIA approved? So, we decided the best way to get this information out to the masses is…. YOUTUBE! This is the first of many videos to come. We wanted to cover a lot of questions, but not make the video too long, so there aren’t specifics about each seats. However, we plan on doing more in depth videos of each of our seats and some one-of-a-kind features we offer.

In order to make these movies information and still interesting we tried to incorporate some cool shots of custom seats. We want to know what you think of this video, was it helpful? Did you already know that information? What information would you like to know? etc. You can leave us a comment below or tell us what you thought on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We look forward to your feedback and hope to make some epic videos in the future.

Sneak Peek of new STÄTUS backing

The idea behind the name STÄTUS is that every car that has a set of our seats, becomes a STÄTUS symbol. People who buy STÄTUS are trailblazers in the tuning industry. We make our seats completely customizable so you can make your seats, as unique as your car. As we grow, we always push the limits and go to the creative edge to please our customers. Today we are proud to announce that we demolished the limit and leaped over the creative edge. Without further adieu, here is the newest STÄTUS Racing Carbon Fiber backing.



There was some fallout when we announced that we had a limited number of Kevlar seat backs left. What we didn’t make clear, was we were already in the process of upgrading and expanding the different type of backings we offer. We have been looking and testing different styles of fabric. The only way to expand as a company is find out what works and what doesn’t. The kevlar got a lot of hype but not a lot of sales. We hope that if our STÄTUS family likes our new carbon fiber backings, they’ll invest in a set of their own. The seats we sell tell us what people like and don’t like. We are really excited to be the only company to offer such a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber backing.



To make your own custom STÄTUS Racing Seats check out our online configurator. We envision this hexagonal, carbon fiber backing, in a black or white C63, a gray GT-R, or in a super sexy gunmetal lambo. What kind of car do you see them in? Win a set of STÄTUS stickers by telling us what kind of car you would put these in. Feel free to add what kind of fabric, stitching and color seats you would install with the new backing. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @thestatusracing.

Agency Power helps STÄTUS get into Mercedes C-Class

STÄTUS wants to be in every performance and car enthusiast’s car that we can. This was a goal we weren’t able to  accomplish for the simple fact that one of the most popular performance cars was unequipped to hold STÄTUS seats. Mercedes makes their seats in such a way that the OEM seat-belt buckle is a part of the seat. When you remove the seat, you remove the buckle. STÄTUS, being a company that primarily manufactures seats needed to branch out and partner with someone who was able to design and manufacture a bracket that would accommodate the STÄTUS seat and the Mercedes OEM belt buckle. Our partner in crime Vivid Racing reached out to their friends at Agency Power to assist in the creation of a bracket that would solve the ever prevalent STÄTUS/ Mercedes problem.

Here’s the result of individual companies coming together to solve a mutually troubling problem. These brackets are only for Mercedes C-Class 08-13+, they are not online yet. If you’re interested in making your car official, email sales@statusracing.com. To see your seats before you buy them, head over and test out our state-of-the-art seat configurator. Tell us what you think of the brackets on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @thestatusracing. Check out a full pictorial install here.





Status Racing Releases Dealer/Affiliate Icon Program

Status Racing is proud to release its industry first Icon seat configurator available for both dealers and enthusiasts to embed on their websites.  Utilizing an internal affiliate program, you can now sign up and gain access to this embed code to place on your website.  As an affiliate, you get paid your standard dealer profit or for enthusiasts, a % of the sale done.  The Icon embed pushes customers to check out online at Status Racing and once complete returns them to your website where they started.  Affiliates can view click reports, get code to other products to push, sales reports, and payments.  If interested in promoting Status Racing on your website, Sign Up Here.

Status Racing Limited Perrin Performance Ring GT-X Seats

The Status Racing Limited Collections are a special collaboration of the Status product with influential companies, people, or artists.  For this collaboration, Status has partnered with Perrin Performance.  Perrin has been an influential manufacture and vehicle tuner for over 10 years with extreme focus on vehicles such as the Subaru and Mitsubishi platforms.  This Limited Edition Perrin seat is based on our new Ring GT-X bucket FRP composite seat.  Designed in collaboration with Perrin, this seat is done in full ultrasuede featuring a black outer with red stitching and a gray inner for the back and bottom cushions.  This Status Racing Limited seat is sold exclusively through Perrin Performance here.

As featured in our 2012 SEMA FR-S, PERRIN racing seats are the perfect accent for any show vehicle. These high end, fixed back seats feature comfortable, moderate height bolsters making it easy to get in and out of your vehicle. Equipped with harness slots, PERRIN racing seats will work with any 3, 4, 5, and 6 point harness.
The lower hip is proportioned for normal to large size drivers by flaring out the thigh bolsters to accommodate more space. It’s slight V shape still gives great support in the leg area but without compromising function. The top half of the seat is narrower at the top, to fit both larger drivers and into smaller tuner cars. The high quality Ultra-suede is form fitted to the “Made in the USA” composite shell.

Status Racing seats are made in the USA using high quality composite materials derived from their background in Military safety products. Each seat goes through our quality control inspections to make sure you get the most pristine product available.

These true racing seats feature abs harness pass throughs to accommodate 3 inch Harness kits. STATUS racing offers 3″ seat harnesses with either 4 mounting points or FIA approved 5 or 6 mounting points in red, black or blue. These harnesses are available from PERRIN Performance and can ship with your seat order.

PERRIN racing seats feature Status side brackets made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and finished with a black anodizing. Planted seat base sliders & brackets are made with 3/16″ thick steel for superior strength. Extra material is provided for direct seat or side mount applications where eliminating sliders is preferred.


Status Icon Ring Video

Our Icon seats take an unique approach of what a standard seats are. Functionally they are identical, but with our icon seats you are able to choose what you want it to look like with different stitching, colors and materials. Just like Burger King once said “Have it your way”. Here is one of many upcoming videos of our amazing seats made in the USA.

Status Icon Video

Alpha Series GTR With Stunning Red STÄTUS Seats.

In collaboration with one of our Newest Distributors ACG San Diego and Talmage Goss also with professional photo-shoot done by Ronnie Renaldi Photography this GTR is brought to life helped greatly in part by these striking red STÄTUS Racing Seats. The Phrase Red in Tooth and Claw a reference to the sometimes violent natural world, in which predatory animals unsentimentally cover their teeth and claws with the blood of their prey as they kill and devour them. I think this white Pearl GTR fitted with the Alpha Package and these Red STÄTUS Racing Seats would make quick to dispatch its prey.

Automotive Connoisseur Group San Diego is our newest Distributor. Located in the San Diego area they can service the greater Southern California Area for any of your needs for STÄTUS Racing.


Need a 5 or 6 Point FIA Approved Racing Harness?

Status Racing just got in their 5 and 6 point racing harness kits in both black and red.  These are instock available for immediate shipping!  The 5pt and 6pt racing harness kits feature a rotary buckle release, 3inch straps, easy clip in design with eye bolts, and include soft Status Logo on shoulder straps.  Again these are INSTOCK for immediate shipping here – http://www.statusracing.com/catalog/Status-Harnesses/c4677/index.html

Status Racing 3 Inch 6 Point Cam Lock Harness Kit - FIA Approved

Status Racing 3 Inch 6 Point Cam Lock Harness Kit - FIA Approved