Officer Dan Headed to Formula D in LB with Sexy Ring GT-X Seats

At the beginning of this month we announced our partnership with the zany, Officer Dan (aka Dan Brockett). As previously mentioned he will be running Status Racing seats in the Drift 4 video and his up coming events in the Formula Drift series.

We have been working with Dan and his team on the details of the partnership for a while now, but once it was a go, we had to rush his seats to get done in time for Long Beach next weekend. Another great reason why it rocks to have seats made in america, you can have a customized seat rushed, without losing quality or worrying about overseas shipping. Even though the order was rushed, we were able to grab some pictures before they left the warehouse in Washington. (Scroll for pictures)

Dan is a tall guy, so we got him fitted with our FIA Approved, Status Racing Ring GT-X seats with Carbon Fiber backing. He designed the fabric and stitching combination himself. He went with black ultra suede on the outer part of the seat and gray ultra suede, topped off with neon yellow diamond stitching down the middle. He used the neon stitching around the edge of the white logo. To go along with his FIA approved seats, he needed some FIA approved Status Racing 6 point harnesses.

Below are pictures of the seats in Washington, about to be shipped off. The second set of pictures, are ones that Dan posted on Facebook when he got the seats! We can’t wait to see them in the car and tearing it up on the track next weekend. Let us know what you think of the seat design. Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.




See the rest of the production photos HERE.













Come Visit Us this Saturday

This Saturday is going to be a busy day for Status Racing we have two local events that we are going to be setting up at. We will be starting out at an even our sister company Vivid Racing is hosting with Xtreme Xperience out at Firebird Raceway (aka Bonurant). They are hosting a car meet with the opportunity to track some of Xtreme Xperience’s supercars. Some of the supercar line up that you could track will be,

  • C7 Stingray
  • Lamborghini Lp560
  • Ferrari F430 Scuderia
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • 911 Turbo
  • GT-R

If you don’t want to track a supercar, there will be other cars to gawk over and a food truck to grub on. Most importantly we will have a full seat set up out, so come by and try out the different sizes, and see them up-close and personal.

Then once we wrap up that, we will be heading over to Murica Motorsports in Tempe to celebrate the opening of their new shop. They will also have a ton of cool cars posted up as well as a DJ, some simulators on hand to test out, but mostly you will get to see the home of their grass roots shop.

Below are flyers for both events. If you’re interested in tracking a car with Xtreme Xperience email and we will be able to hook you up with some awesome deals. Both events are open to the public and we encourage you to bring out your car and show off your build.

Feel free to hit us up with any questions. See you Saturday!

Murica Motorsports Open House

We are excited to be teaming up with one of our local dealers for their open house. Murica Motorsports that is becoming a household name in the Phoenix area, and being an American Made seat company, we couldn’t help but team up with a place called Murica Motorsports. Specializing in Honda and Nissan parts they pride themselves on their grassroots and personalized approach.

Join us the evening of March 29th for Murica’s Motorsport’s open house. If you feel like spending the whole day with us you can come to the Vivid Racing Meet Up that morning at Bondurant Raceway.

Status Racing Teams Up with Officer Dan and the HPPD

We are proud to announce our partnership with the infamous Officer Dan of the HPPD. If you’re never heard of Officer Dan, then we’re going to assume you don’t spend that much time on YouTube. The first “Drift Battle” Video was released by Icon Motorsports in 2011. It was a sexy 93 Rx7 pushing out 375 horsepower, racing a 05 Kawasaki ZX-10 with 175 hp and an extended swingarm. It was an awesome video with tons of tire shredding and sideways slow-mo’s. It racked up a couple million views within the first couple months of being out. After the success of Drift Battle 1, they decided to recreate the epic battle, but with more of a story line. Enter, Officer Dan.

Officer Dan, of the High Plains Police Department, played by Dan Brockett has one goal in life, to catch two rowdy motorcyclists played by Ernie Vigil and Nick “APEX” Brocha. Officer Dan is equipped with more than your average PD vehicle. This 550 horsepower Ford Mustang Cobra was made to chase down the baddest drift cyclists around. The Drift 2 video takes place on windy road where you get some awesome shots of the chase ensuing (see below). This is where Officer Dan really made a name for himself. He was brought on for Drift 3 and now the Drift 4 video.

Although he loves the law, he also has a passion for drift, which is why he’s decided to pursue a career in Formula D and we are lucky enough to supply him with some bad ass custom seats! We are excited to welcome Dan Brockett, and his team, to the Status family. Keep an eye out for what he does in Long Beach on April 4-5. If you want to keep up with him and all his crazy escapades, check out his site here. We will be posting updates and behind the scenes info about the upcoming Drift 4 video, so stay tuned!

Here is Drift 2 and 3 with some other pictures of Officer Dan on, and off duty.



Status Goes Off-Road

When Status started our main market was the tuner and aftermarket crowd. Although we sell seats to whoever wants them, we have really focused on the tuner market. Until we had a hard core Jeeper come looking for some safety harnesses. We got him setup with our FIA Approved 6 point Status Racing Harness. When you’re rippin across terrain like these guys do, safety is your number one concern! After talking to this customer, we found out that the jeeping industry is also moving away from the suspension seats and into the fixed back bucket seats. That got us thinking… Could STATUS go off-road???

We aren’t making any sudden move, but the idea is out there. These guys, just like the tuner community, throw down major dough to compete in highest level of racing. The customer that will be rockin’ our harnesses is headed to Jeepspeed’s Mint 400 in Nevada. This is no little off-road event. This is the cream-of-the-crop, of off-road event. It’s a grueling 400 mile race through extreme terrain. You’re competing against over 250 other participants, in 20 different classes. Less than half of the people who enter, actually finish the race.

We know most of you tuned out when we said off-road, so we thought, better than explain the Mint 400 to you, we would show you…


Custom Status Racing Icon Seats Coming to the UK

We told you back in September, that we now have an official STÄTUS Racing dealer in the UK. Why is this so cool? We have a ton of Status Racing fans across the pond, that have had a super hard time getting seats due to shipping. 6two1 is now the place to get your seats if you’re in the UK. He made a stocking order back in September, and is ready to make another order, due to demand in seats. If you’re in the UK and want to order one of our Customer Status Racing Icon Seats, please contact 6two1 or email and we can get you in touch with 6two1.

The other reason we are so pumped about working with 6two1 is because we get to work with this guy… (Forward to 4:30 for the announcement about Status Racing Seats.) So once again, if you’re in the UK and want any custom seat, please get in touch with us or 6two1. They will be sure to put your order in and get it sent over with their stocking order. Figure out what your custom Status Racing Icon Seat will look like by designing it yourself with our Status Racing Seat Configurator.

The Ultimate Custom Hockenheim Status Racing Seats

We pride ourselves on offering the epitome of a custom racing seats. We have worked with countless customers to create crazy creations for custom cars, but this customer has outdone our level of custom. When this San Bernadino native got a vision of what his custom Evo would have, he paid attention to detail. His mod list is riddled with calculated mods that not only add to the performance but the look of his car as well. Not only is his ride functional and performance ready, but his individual style is shown throughout.

He started out with a set of our, now discontinued, hockenheim seats. The hockenheim seats were actually smaller in size than our Status Ring seats. This customer loved his seats, but needed to customize the look even more. His interior is battleship gray, so he painted the back of his seats to match the rest of the piping and the cage that he had in his car. He also got his seats before we offered the STÄTUS logo on the back of the headrest. So, he went to an upholstery shop and got it done himself. Not only did he do the back of the headrest, he had STÄTUS printed on the bottom of the seat cushion where your legs go. This is a customization we’ve never done before, and another reason why Status customers, are the best!

Tell us what you think of the custom color back and the custom stitching. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Scroll through the pictures to see his mod list.)






2006 Evo ssl – MOD LIST

Interior –

Exterior –

  • custom voltex front bumper
  • voltex CF hood
  • varis front fenders
  • jdm window visors
  • do luck CF trunk
  • custom rear fender flairs
  • jdm rear bumper
  • FQ400 rear fog light
  • Varis rear deffuser
  • takata front and rear tow straps
  • rexspeed sideskirt extension
  • rallyarmor mud flaps

Suspension/Wheels –

  • advan RG2 18×10 +25 on dunlop direzza sport Z1 star spec 255/35/18
  • work front 2 piece rotors, rear single with EBC brake pads
  • apexi mono tube coilovers robi spec
  • whiteline center roll kit
  • robispec hard bearing suspension kit
  • robispec rear swaybar
  • front and rear strut bars
  • custom painted brembo calipers

Engine –

  • New evo crate engine
  • GCS s2 cams
  • Buschur racing stage 3 head includes:
  • Custom BR dual stainless steel valve springs
  • BR titanium retainers
  • New Valve Seals
  • BR stainless .5mm over intake valves
  • BR stainless .5mm over exhaust valves
  • Stainless Oring around each combustion chamber
  • Complete port & polish job
  • – Stainless Steel O-Ring
  • tomei 7960 turbo
  • tomei billet wastegate
  • tomei expreme exhaust manifold
  • tomei heat shield
  • Nisei race core FMIC
  • Nisei short route UICP
  • Nisei mini battery kit
  • injen LICP
  • ETS intake
  • walbro 255 fuel pump
  • FIC 1450 injectors
  • Synapes DV
  • tuned at tuning technologies by Alfred made 470awhp on e85
  • all piping and valve cover painted battle ship gray



NSX Finalizes Custom Interior with a Set of Custom Racing Seats

The NSX is one of those cars that you’d swear Status Racing Seats were made for. They fit perfect and look awesome. You can’t miss this fire red NSX on the streets, so of course he had to customize his seats to match the cars exterior personality. The interior already has red and carbon accents in it, so he needed a seat that complimented the already custom interior. He went with two Ring GT seats. The Ring GT seats allow you and your passenger to ride in comfort and style, while still feeling secure when rounding those tight corners. His Ring GT’s are decked out with black leather and red stitching on the body and black ultra suede in the middle section. Then to finish his carbon interior look he went with the carbon fiber shell.

The Ring GT is made for people with a 34 inch waist. The waist sizes that we give are a general guideline. We can’t take into account what the person is using the seats for, or how snug they like to feel while driving. For example, a person who will be tracking their car might be a 34 inch waist but want to rock a set of standard ring seats because he needs to feel secure, and in control, while on the track. On the other hand a guy who has a 32 inch waist could get our Status Racing Ring GT-X or Status Racing Spa seat. He might just use his car for daily use and or shows and wants to be as comfortable as possible.

If you’re having trouble with fitment watch this VIDEO or find a Status Racing Dealer closest to you. A lot of our dealers have seats instock and you go try them out for yourself. If you’re looking to customize your seat, check out our Status Racing Icon Seat configurator. Our Racing Seat Configurator allows you to choose any style option you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on there, email us at





The Perfect Custom Seats for this Aggressively Sleek Subaru

This Subaru has been called, “Tastefully modded, aggressive and sleek; not overdone, but done with great attention to detail.” We couldn’t agree more. This customer obviously had a big picture for this build. This is not his first build and probably won’t be his last. The carbon on the accents and flows with the design of the stock body. It doesn’t modify, it amplifies the Subaru design and essence. Of course, this thing turns heads, that goes without saying. But we have a fond appreciation for the people who take time to enhance the place they spend the most time. Yes, we are a seat company, but that’s not the whole reason we appreciate interiors. We love custom interiors because it’s like decorating the inside of your house. We just feel that a custom interior allows you to see and enjoy your hard earned money.

These were the exact word from the customer when he received his seats,  “Omg omg I love them!!!” What more can we say!

His build is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while. He chose out Status Spa reclinable seats with gray ultrasuede and white stitching to compliment his silver ride. He also has red accents in his Volk wheels and the stickers on his car, so what better way to finish off a set of Status Spa seats, than a pair of Red, FIA Approved, Status Racing Harnesses. We are so pumped to present his build. The pictures below are a compilation of emails that we’ve gotten from him since he bought his seats.




Our Superstar Subie is at it Again

It is the end of the year and as most people do they think back on the year and what they’ve accomplished. Then look forward to the new year and start to plot how they are going to take over the world in 2014…. At least that’s what we do… Cruising on Instagram we were tagged in a picture by a Subaru we sponsored and the caption was,

“The year is almost over, and I just wanted to thank all the people who have helped me over the years. Friends, family, and sponsors, I thank you!”

It wasn’t long, it probably didn’t take much time, and yet made such an impression on us. Some sponsorship’s in the past, have gone somewhat awry. We, like most people, appreciate when people take time to give a shout out. It shows that not only did we help an awesome build, but an awesome person come that much closer to reaching their goal. Enough of our holiday sapp. Here are more recent stellar photos of this Superstar Subaru.

If we’ve sponsored you in the past, send us an update and pictures of your seats. You can them to email