First Set of Red Carbon Seats Installed – Pictures

What’s sexier than red carbon backed Status Seats? Nothing! The red carbon seats were so popular that we only had them for a couple days to grab pictures before they were out the door and off to our customer in New York. The red carbon is such a cool addition to a Status seat. The variation of colors that the red carbon material displays in different lights is like have three seats in one. In direct light it look like a violent red, really loud and vibrant. In less light exposure they have Burgundy (no relation to Ron) color that is rich and classy. When it’s a bright day, but the sun isn’t directly on the seats it matches the stitching on the seat almost exactly. The blue carbon has a similar deviation of color.

We are excited to present you with pictures of our highly anticipated Red Carbon backed Status Racing Seats. The red carbon seats are accompanied by a set of our FIA Approved Harnesses. BRZ’s already get a lot of looks from the outside because of the shape, design and performance. Now this BRZ owner has a reason to flaunt his interior more than his exterior.

Let us know what you think of the Red carbon seats on this BRZ. You can tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you want more information on Status Racing Seats, check us out on YouTube. We have videos showing how the seats are made, the different bluered, and WASP carbon seats up close and personal, along with our FIA approved seats being crash tested. Design and create your own custom Status Racing Seat with our Status Icon Seat Configurator.





Status Racing and Proper Garage Join Forces

Proper Garage and Status Racing started from a similar idea, give people a unique product that is a cut above the rest. For Proper Garage, they offer exceptional coverage of garage lifestyle. Their unique experiences have lead them to document all forms of culture which, “Transcend from their initial roots.” Status spawned from the idea that people want quality products, that represent who they are as an individual. With both Proper and Status aiming to offer a unique experience for visitors and customers, it would only make sense that we collaborate.

Through our relationship, we’ve setup a ton of super custom cars, with drop-dead sexy custom racing seats. This is customer rocks a 2009 Lexus IS 250, equipped with a LMS Supercharger kit (1 of 5 ever made), Ksport Air Suspension with accuair e-level management, as well as a sexy set of wheels and carbon additions; like a full carbon hood. To match the rare, exclusive natural of the car’s exterior, he teamed up with us to get a set of Red leather and Black diamond stitched, ultra suede Status Racing seats. What’s a set of racing seats without the harnesses? These all Black, FIA approved, Status Harnesses help to finish the look.

When you’re browsing around, be sure to check out Proper Garage. Let us know what you think of the whole combination, inside and out! Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Design your own custom racing seat HERE.



Eccentricity at Its Finest

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Ralph knew what he was talking about. In our industry, the drive to be different, and express your individuality through products and upgrades is what fuel’s the tuner market. This is a guy who we partially sponsored back in the day, and although tuner’s aren’t his only passion,you can tell that he’s pushing the limits either way. That’s what we enjoy most about our customers. They live life to the fullest and are constantly trying to raise the standard of eccentricity higher! Although he loves his Status Racing Seats, he’s had them for a while and was ready for something new. He decided to get new jackets for his seats. This is a great way to give yourself the feel of “new” seats and put a breath of life into your old ones.

If you have a pair of Status Seats that you need to update or you’re just looking to mix up your interior, email and let us know how you want to upgrade your interior. Let Status help you achieve the next level of aesthetic individuality.

Here’s a video this customer sent us that explains how he lives life to the fullest and given the chance, wouldn’t change a thing.

Because of Snowboarding – Austin Hironaka – Episode 5 from Ride Snowboards on Vimeo.

New Status Racing Jacket for his Status Racing Seats

New Status Racing Jacket for his Status Racing Seats

New Status Racing Jacket for his Status Racing Seats

Sex in the Form of a Red Audi RS4

This customer’s photoshoot really captures the essence of what a Status Icon Seat is all about. This car oozes sex and individuality. Not only is it hot enough to be a wheel model for Avant Garde, but it’s a beast on the track too. But the best part about this Audi RS4 owner, is that his mod list doesn’t stop with the exterior. The pictures allow you to get up close and personal with all the features that make a Status seat unique. There is the custom Red stitching over the black Ultrasuede. The carbon fiber back that is sturdy enough to feel secure, but light enough to not add weight to the car. The seats effortlessly compliment the already carbon accented interior with the flair of the red stitching. The seats pull the already distinct interior together and then make it exceptional.

Want to customize your interior? Design your own unique seat with out Status seat configurator HERE. Let us know what you think of the custom interior? Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter @thestatusracing, or Instagram.

Drool Away!

Audacious R32 GT-R with Leather Status Seats

This Status customer from Canada is the ideal Status customer. He has a bad ass daily that needed too look as jaw dropping on the inside as it does the outside. To get setup with the perfect seats for him he went to Boost Theory. They were able to set him up with the Black leather seats with carbon fiber backing. The leather makes the interior exude superiority like the outside does. Because this R32 GT-R is a show pony, looks are everything and the carbon fiber back, is icing on the cake. Below are pictures of his full setup. If you keep scrolling you can see his extensive mod list. To say his car is a labor of love is an understatement. For people who rock Status Seats, their car is their identity. We’re please to upgrade this customer’s Status!

Make your own Status seat using out seat configurator HERE. Find a dealer near you HERE.

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing


2X Garrett GT28RS
HKS Step 2 264o Cams
HKS Step 2 Valve Springs
HKS GT Intercooler
HKS Oil Cap
Greddy Cam Gears
Greddy Timing Belt
Greddy Plenum
Greddy Profec Boost Controller
Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Greddy Pulley Kit
Trust Oil Cooler
Nismo Exhaust Outlet Pipes
Nismo Mount Kit (Motor and Tranny)
Nismo Low-Temp Thermostat
Nismo Rad Cap
Tomei Oil Restrictor
Tomei 1.2MM HeadGasket
Tomei Intake & Exhaust Gaskets
FederalRace Intercooler Piping
FederalRace Oil Dipstick
FederalRace 3 1/2″ SS Intake Piping
FederalRace Downpipe
Apex’I PowerFC D-Jetro
FC Datalogit
Kakimoto Racing Exhaust
Blitz Twin Blow-Off Valves
Cusco Oil Catch Can
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
FAL Electric Fans
FAL Fan Controller
Samco Rad & Heater Hoses
AEM Water/Meth Kit
ARC Titanium Rad Panel
Taylor Battery Relocation Kit
Optima Yellow Top Battery
ARP HeadStuds
N1 Waterpump
N1 Oil Pump
N1 Bottom End
Gatorback Belts (PS, Alt & WP)
DHM 3″ Electronic Cutout
Mild Port & Polish
Bronze Valve Guide Inserts
Multi Angle Valve Job
Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifolds
Ported Exhaust Runners
Ported Intake Runners
Q45 Throttle Body
Z32 Modified Throttle Cable
120A Alternator
Splitfire Coilpacks

Nismo Big Operating Cylinder
Nismo Braided Clutch Line
Nismo Clutch Pivot Ball
ORC 659 Twin Plate Clutch
BCNR33 Transmission

Ignited HID 4300K Kit
Nismo Carbon Rear Spoiler
Nismo Side Skirts
Nismo Front Air Ducts
Nismo Bonnet Grill
EastBear Carbon Mirrors
Trust Shift Knob
Saurus Carbon Lip
Carbon Bumper Guard
Top Secret Carbon Bonnet
Top Secret Lock Pins
Track: Prodrive 17” MT ET Streets
Show: Panasport G17 C5C2 18″ Nitto Invo
3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film
Kics Project R40 NeoChrome Lugnuts
Silk Road Front Diffuser
AbFlug Rear Diffuser
Fujimura Auto Carbon Flap
Hasemi MotorSports Carbon SideSpats
QestJapan LED Taillights
Olympia Blue Wrap

Suspension & Brakes
HKS HiperMax II Coilovers
Nismo Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Cusco Front Sway Bar
Cusco Rear Sway Bar
KTS Aluminum Sub Frame Bushings
KTS Adjustible Front Upper A-Arms
KTS Adjustible Tie Rods
Tomei Hicas Lock E-U
Brembo Brake Calipers
DBA Slotted 4000 Series Rotors
Hawk HP Plus Pads
MoonFace Super Lap Roll Center
Silk Road Engine Damper
Kics Chrome Spacers
APP SS Braided Brake Lines
Nismo Long Wheel Studs

Greddy Fuel Rail
Siemens Deka 780CC Injectors
Nismo 276LPH Fuel Pump
FederalRace SwirlPot
Aeromotive A1000 FPR
Aeromotive Fuel Filter
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
Russell FPG (Liquid Filled)
Stainless Fuel Lines
Anodized Fittings

Blitz Oil Temp
Blitz Oil Press
Blitz Ex Temp
Blitz Boost Gauge
Nismo Speedometer
Nismo Clutch Pedal Bracket
HKS Turbo Timer
HKS Floor Mats
Tomei Shift Knob
Greddy Water Temp Gauge
Greddy A-Pillar Gauge Pod
Italvolanti F1 Steering Wheel
Status Racing Leather wrapped CF Seats
OMP Sliders
Planted Base
Status Brackets
OMP Race Pedals
Willans 4 point seat harness
Innovate XD-16 Gauge
Carbon Dash Gauge Pod
Super Bright LED Cluster Conversion
Cusco D1 6 point Chromoly Roll Cage
Superior Auto Creative Cup Holder
Superior Auto Creative CF Rear Seat
Leather Shift and EBrake Boot

Alpine IVA-W200 Deck
Alpine SPR-17LS Front Components
Alpine SPS-69C2 Rear Components
Alpine MRP-F250 Amplifier
Kenwood KFC-W2513PS Subs
Kenwood KAC-8105D Class D Amp


Last Set of Hockenheim Seats Installed

For those Status veterans, you know about the Hockenheim Seats. For you Status Newbies, the Hockenheim was made specifically for more narrow cars like the NSX, S2000, and FD RX7’s. With only 21″ to put an entire butt, the narrow seats, seemed like a good idea, but functionally were only made for life-size stick figures. For those of us with meat on our bones, we only dreamed of one day losing a limb to fit in these babies. So with that, we discontinued the seats and branched out into larger seat bases and colored carbon seats.

The discontinuation of the Hockenheim, like a lot of products, only raised it’s popularity. This customer is the last person to buy a set of our Hockenheim seats. He’s basically the owner of a Status unicorn. He was nice enough to send us pictures of these mythical seats. Let us know what you think. Are you going to miss the Hockenheim? Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter @thestatusracing or Instagram @thestatusracing.

NSX with last set of Status Racing Hockenheim Seats

NSX with last set of Status Racing Hockenheim Seats

NSX with last set of Status Racing Hockenheim Seats

Update from a Sponsored Subie with “Baller” Interior

This is a 2011 Subaru we sponsored. He got back to us after entering a Subiefest last month. This is what he had to say about the reactions he got from the seats.

“Subiefest was a success! I was able to get Best 2011+ Subaru class. Everyone who passed by the car were in awe with the seats. They really made my interior pop. A lot of my competition was shocked how “baller” my setup was.”

That has to be the number one comment we get from our seats, they make the interior of any car pop. Even if the seats are a standard set of rings with FRP backing, it makes the interior just as impressive as the exterior. If you want to take it to the next level we suggest getting a set of Status Spa Seats that recline and have carbon backing or a set of Status Icon seats that fulfill any of your custom needs. Whether you want to change the fabric option, stitching color or backing, we can make the custom seat of your dreams.

Don’t be normal… Update your Status!

2011 Subaru with Status Racing Seats

2011 Subaru with Status Racing Seats

Chase Bays 2013 SEMA FR-S Revealed

This is a build we’ve been following for a while, we are so excited it’s debut date is right around the corner. Chase Bays has pulled all the stops with this build and it’s apparent in the fun design they have. A lot of cars at SEMA have serious, more sophisticated looks to them. We personally like this Chase Bays FR-S because it says, “Ya, we can’ build a BA car and like to party!” That’s what Status is about! We like our customers and dealers alike to have free expression, and fun. If you’re not having fun in your car, what’s the point!

Here’s their first photoshoot. We’re waiting to get more pictures of the seats. We will post those when we get them, until then, enjoy!

New Harness Color Combinations Available

If you’re an experienced or skilled racer, you know the importance of safety equipment while racing. Status was designed to give racers and car enthusiasts alike, the highest quality in design and function. As of recently, we have been focusing on the design feature of our products. With the release of so many new seat backings and other seat upgrades, we thought it was time to catch the harness game up! Before today you were able to get them in Red with red stitching or black with black stitching. As of today, you can now order black harness with red stitching and black harness with white stitching.

We are still looking into other color patterns. Which pattern would like for your car? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Scroll for more information about Status Racing Harnesses and click here to find a status dealer near you! Check out more pictures of the new harnesses HERE.

black 5pt status racing harness w/ white stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ white stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ white stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ red stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ red stitching

black 5pt status racing harness w/ red stitching

“One of the most important pieces safety equipment for your car is a racing harness. Status Racing brings the same top quality design to these harnesses as they do their seats. Available are 4 point, 5point, and 6 point harness kits. The harness kits are 3 inch belts, on both the lap, and shoulders. The 5th or 6th point sub belt is 2 inch. The shoulder belts are long enough to extend to the rear seats of sedans or can be wrapped around a roll cage harness bar. A very easy to use Cam Lock design allows for quick disconnect of the belts. This CNC machined aluminum part features an engraved Status Racing logo while the shoulder belts have a rubberized pad with the Status name in them as well. All Status Racing harnesses are a clip in design that allows you to easily install and remove the belts. Each Status Racing Harness includes the necessary eye bolts for a quick installation. The Status Racing 5 and 6 point Harnesses are FIA approved so you can ensure you are equipping your vehicle with proper safety equipment. Harness kits are sold per seat.”