Interested in a Ring or Ring GT Seat? See How These Guys Fit!

Its important to know if a seat is going to be a good fit for you.  The fact is by measurements alone, its hard to visualize if your body type will fit.  Good thing here at Status we can help you.  Armed with a camera and a slew of human shapes, we snapped photos of people sitting in the both the Ring and Ring GT.  Check out these Seat Fitment photos below and tune in to our Fitment Gallery here.

Ring Seat – 32 waist 5’9″

Ring GT Seat – 32 waist 5’9″

Ring GT Seat – 36 waist 5’9″

Ring Seat – 36 waist 5’9″

Ring GT Seat – 36 waist 5’8″

Ring Seat – 34 waist 5’10”

Ring GT Seat – 34 waist 5’10”

Ring GT Seat – 42 waist 6’4″

Status Racing Ring and Ring GT Measurements

If your not sure if you ate to much last weekend or if your sleek physique will fit in a Status Racing seat, we got you covered.  So which seats will fit you?  We took care of the guess work here.  Check out the simple photos below showing measurements of the Ring and Ring GT seats.  We also started a Fitment Gallery here.  Enjoy!

Ring GT Measurements

Ring GT Seat - 32 waist 5'9"

Ring GT Seat - 32 waist 5'9"

Ring GT Thigh Measurement

Ring GT Shoulder Measurement

Ring GT Seat Height

Ring GT Hip Measurement

Ring Measurements

Ring Seat - 36 waist 5'9"

Ring Seat - 32 waist 5'9"

Ring Thigh Measurement

Ring Shoulder Measurement

Ring Seat Height

Ring Hip Measurement

Status Racing, Really FIA Approved? Yup!

FIA approval is what signifies the difference between a quality safety seat and a generic product. Status Racing wanted to ensure that the drivers sitting in select Status products felt safe, so our engineering team went for the best certification you could get. On May 15, 2009, the Status Racing Ring (aka Laguna) seat in FRP was granted FIA approval in accordance to FIA 8855-1999 standard. Our racing harness kits were also approved in accordance with FIA 8853/98 standards. Below we have attached testing videos of our products. If you need any additional documentation, please contact our customer service department here.

You can view our FIA Documents Here

Status Ring FIA Paperwork

Status FIA Approval Paperwork

Where’s It Made?

We are proud to say that all Status Racing seats are made from scratch here in Monroe, Washington.  To succeed in product development, have our FIA approved product, and offer the highest quality possible, we setup a 20,000+ sqft manufacturing facility.  Each seat made goes through a rigorous quality control inspection to make sure you receive the most amazing fit and finish Status Racing seat for your vehicle.  With an extensive background in military composite products, all manufacturing tools and processes are of the highest level.  Check out some of these photos and video of our processes. Credits to Stanceworks and Cody Gephart.


StatusPhotos-17StatusPhotos-11StatusPhotos-9 StatusPhotos-20 StatusPhotos-21






The NEW Status Racing – We Proudly Release!

Founded in 2004, Status Racing brought a new level of style and function to the performance seat market with a full line of composite racing seats. With a successful 7 years of project cars, seat sales, and brand establishment, Status Racing decided to take a new step. In April 2011, Status Racing changed ownership to help expand the companies potential to new heights. While maintaining its high quality manufacture techniques and processes in Washington state, Rob Rohn and Dan Mermelstein of the largely recognized Vivid Racing, came on-board as Partners to handle business development along with sales and marketing for the company. With their successful background in product marketing and online sales, they compliment the Washington office’s military technology background to build and develop high quality composite products. Minority owner Chris Venti says, “Rob and Dan do something that nobody else can duplicate online. What we do well is manufacturing. This is a great partnership that will allow us to really show the quality of Status Racing.”

Along with a new website and image, Status Racing will allow customers to do something that no other seat manufacture does… Configure it! “We want customers to be able to design their own seat which fits their vehicle theme and tastes. This is not just a show product. With Status Racing’s FIA certification for the Ring seat, this is something targeted to the weekend racers as well”, says Dan Mermelstein. The Status Racing line up will be broken out into 4 sections. Status Standard, Status Icon, Status Limited, and Status Harnesses. The Standard group will consist of your ready to ship red, black, blue Ring or Ring GT seats. “Our goal is to have a turn key seat that all can afford and enjoy”, says Rob Rohn. Status Icon will be a industry first with seats allowing the customer to go online and configure their seat based on material, stitching, logo color, center cushion, and seat backing. Online customers will be able to configure their seats and save them to a profile, share with friends, or order online. One of the newest projects will be Status Limited. This will be a collaboration between Status Racing and another brand or recognizeable name to develop an exclusive limited production and style. These seats will be made, assigned numbers, and never to be reproduced again. Finally, we have Status Harnesses. These 4pt, 5pt, and 6pt harness kits are FIA approved 3inch with rotary buckle. What is nice about these harnesses compared to the competition is they are a complete package. Available in red or black, the harness kits come with necessary eye bolts for a simple installation with the clip in design.

At Status Racing, our goal is to provide top quality products with a unique personalized taste while focusing on safety. With fitment videos, searchable seat brackets and rails, as well as our industry first configurator, we will meet each customer’s unique needs and tastes. With manufacturing based in the USA, you can be assured that you’re getting only the best in quality products from Status Racing.

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