Boosted Honda Civic SI Featuring Status Racing

Honda Civic Status Racing Seats

These images were submitted to us by Jordan Leon of his 2012 Honda Civic SI coupe. The car car features a Full Race Turbo kit and set of a Status Racing seats with Crow Harnesses. You can check out more photos by following Jordon on his Instagram page @jordan_leon95

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Sneak Peak of 2012 Status Racing Seats

Status Racing has had an extremely great year with our Status Ring and Ring GT seats.  Through our Icon Configurator program, we have produced more seats then in any year of Status Racing’s history.  Many years ago, we debuted the SPA reclinable seat at SEMA.  This seat was very well received by the tuning community.  However it never came to life.  That now has changed!  In addition to reintroducing the SPA seat, we will also be bringing back the Status Racing Imola seat for those looking for a new race look to their automobile.

The SPA seat is a reclinable seat which features low thigh bolsters and is equivalent in width as our Ring GT seat for up to 38″ wastes.  The reclining mechanism is manual and can be adjusted to almost a flat position.  The seats will only be offered in carbon fiber, however, we will be able to do the backs in different painted colors upon request.  The Status logo will be stitched in white and the seats will come in a choice of black or red alcantara or cloth at this time.  Leather may be an option however no decision yet.  We will have separate center cushions for those that may want to interchange colors.

The Imola seat is a full X-Large bucket seat and can accommodate up to a 40″ waist.   This seat will feature a white stitched Status Racing logo on the front and back and the shell will be of 2×2 carbon fiber weave.  This seat can be had in black or red alcantara or a cloth version.  The large open hoops on either side give the racer some head protection without eliminating visibility.

These seats will be available for sale approximately Jan 15, 2012 and you can grab a sneak peak of the Status Spa Reclinable in the Vivid Racing Porsche 997 Turbo which will be in the KSport SEMA booth.

Enjoy these sneak pics!