Recently a client of ours, Aaron, sent in a few photos of his beautiful R32 Nissan Skyline all the way from Calgary. This JDM machine features a pair of our reclinable SPA seats with Black on black Stätus Racing harness! For more information about Aaron’s build you can find him on Instagram @acloa

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Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

We’ve said it before, and you’ll probably hear it again, but we have the best customers and dealers in all the land. This customer takes his car to any and all events around him. Not only does he do a stellar job of repping Status at each event, but he even lets people sit in his car, so they can get the feel of being behind the wheel in the seat. As we do with all of our customers we asked him to send in pictures and a review of how he likes his seats. Here’s what he had to say,

Every time I bring my car to events I’m answering questions left and right about my seats and how they could proceed in getting some. I tell them about them size differences, styles, fabrics, and color options. I let them sit in my car to get a good feel for how they feel behind a wheel and at a car height!”

It’s not like his car needs much effort to get attention. The awesome yellow of his S2000seems to do the trick to attract attention. However, most people are pleasantly surprised to see custom seats that compliment the overall design of the car. The black almost blends in, until the pop of the yellow stitching and Status logo catch your eye, then you’re hooked. We are proud to have such awesome people representing our product.

If you have picture of your seats or want to send us a review of your seat, you can email it to, and who knows, maybe we’ll put it up on our blog. If you don’t want to send pictures, just tag us on Instagram (@thestatusracing) or Facebook.


One and Done

We have a ton of Status fans who are desperate to get our Status Racing seats in their cars, but need to save up some cash first. If you’re in that boat, you could do what this customer has done. Buy one seat that matches the stock seats until you can save up to get the other. Other customer’s of our have also done this same thing because they track their daily on the weekend and need an FIA Approved seat, so they make the seat close to stock in order to keep the look consistent. Whatever the reason is, this is a great solution to a common problem we see among customers. Don’t let an excuse get in the way of getting the seat of your dreams!

Enjoy some awesome shots of this customer’s black leather with black ultra suede center and carbon fiber backing Status Racing seat.







The Intimidating Black Stallion

We found these awesome pictures of this this mean looking M3 when we were browsing on Stance Nation. This M3’s so brutal, even just going down the road, cars move out of the way. This M3 exudes dominance. The all black color with the red accents makes it look so fierce. So what do you do when you have a custom car and want to add that last, show winning touch? You get some custom seats to deck out your interior and top off the well-rounded look of the car. This customer went with the all black ultrasuede Status Racing Seats to compliment the other ultrasuede interior pieces. To follow with the all black and red accent look of the car he opted to get a set of our Red, FIA Approved, Status Racing Harnesses to add that pop of color this customer was looking for.

Check out this intimidating black stallion and all the reasons it exemplifies Status Racing so well. Tell us what you think of the combination in the comment section below, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Design your own custom Status Racing seats using out Status Racing Seat Configurator.




Custom Status Racing Icon Seats Coming to the UK

We told you back in September, that we now have an official STÄTUS Racing dealer in the UK. Why is this so cool? We have a ton of Status Racing fans across the pond, that have had a super hard time getting seats due to shipping. 6two1 is now the place to get your seats if you’re in the UK. He made a stocking order back in September, and is ready to make another order, due to demand in seats. If you’re in the UK and want to order one of our Customer Status Racing Icon Seats, please contact 6two1 or email and we can get you in touch with 6two1.

The other reason we are so pumped about working with 6two1 is because we get to work with this guy… (Forward to 4:30 for the announcement about Status Racing Seats.) So once again, if you’re in the UK and want any custom seat, please get in touch with us or 6two1. They will be sure to put your order in and get it sent over with their stocking order. Figure out what your custom Status Racing Icon Seat will look like by designing it yourself with our Status Racing Seat Configurator.

The Ultimate Custom Hockenheim Status Racing Seats

We pride ourselves on offering the epitome of a custom racing seats. We have worked with countless customers to create crazy creations for custom cars, but this customer has outdone our level of custom. When this San Bernadino native got a vision of what his custom Evo would have, he paid attention to detail. His mod list is riddled with calculated mods that not only add to the performance but the look of his car as well. Not only is his ride functional and performance ready, but his individual style is shown throughout.

He started out with a set of our, now discontinued, hockenheim seats. The hockenheim seats were actually smaller in size than our Status Ring seats. This customer loved his seats, but needed to customize the look even more. His interior is battleship gray, so he painted the back of his seats to match the rest of the piping and the cage that he had in his car. He also got his seats before we offered the STÄTUS logo on the back of the headrest. So, he went to an upholstery shop and got it done himself. Not only did he do the back of the headrest, he had STÄTUS printed on the bottom of the seat cushion where your legs go. This is a customization we’ve never done before, and another reason why Status customers, are the best!

Tell us what you think of the custom color back and the custom stitching. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. (Scroll through the pictures to see his mod list.)






2006 Evo ssl – MOD LIST

Interior –

Exterior –

  • custom voltex front bumper
  • voltex CF hood
  • varis front fenders
  • jdm window visors
  • do luck CF trunk
  • custom rear fender flairs
  • jdm rear bumper
  • FQ400 rear fog light
  • Varis rear deffuser
  • takata front and rear tow straps
  • rexspeed sideskirt extension
  • rallyarmor mud flaps

Suspension/Wheels –

  • advan RG2 18×10 +25 on dunlop direzza sport Z1 star spec 255/35/18
  • work front 2 piece rotors, rear single with EBC brake pads
  • apexi mono tube coilovers robi spec
  • whiteline center roll kit
  • robispec hard bearing suspension kit
  • robispec rear swaybar
  • front and rear strut bars
  • custom painted brembo calipers

Engine –

  • New evo crate engine
  • GCS s2 cams
  • Buschur racing stage 3 head includes:
  • Custom BR dual stainless steel valve springs
  • BR titanium retainers
  • New Valve Seals
  • BR stainless .5mm over intake valves
  • BR stainless .5mm over exhaust valves
  • Stainless Oring around each combustion chamber
  • Complete port & polish job
  • – Stainless Steel O-Ring
  • tomei 7960 turbo
  • tomei billet wastegate
  • tomei expreme exhaust manifold
  • tomei heat shield
  • Nisei race core FMIC
  • Nisei short route UICP
  • Nisei mini battery kit
  • injen LICP
  • ETS intake
  • walbro 255 fuel pump
  • FIC 1450 injectors
  • Synapes DV
  • tuned at tuning technologies by Alfred made 470awhp on e85
  • all piping and valve cover painted battle ship gray



NSX Finalizes Custom Interior with a Set of Custom Racing Seats

The NSX is one of those cars that you’d swear Status Racing Seats were made for. They fit perfect and look awesome. You can’t miss this fire red NSX on the streets, so of course he had to customize his seats to match the cars exterior personality. The interior already has red and carbon accents in it, so he needed a seat that complimented the already custom interior. He went with two Ring GT seats. The Ring GT seats allow you and your passenger to ride in comfort and style, while still feeling secure when rounding those tight corners. His Ring GT’s are decked out with black leather and red stitching on the body and black ultra suede in the middle section. Then to finish his carbon interior look he went with the carbon fiber shell.

The Ring GT is made for people with a 34 inch waist. The waist sizes that we give are a general guideline. We can’t take into account what the person is using the seats for, or how snug they like to feel while driving. For example, a person who will be tracking their car might be a 34 inch waist but want to rock a set of standard ring seats because he needs to feel secure, and in control, while on the track. On the other hand a guy who has a 32 inch waist could get our Status Racing Ring GT-X or Status Racing Spa seat. He might just use his car for daily use and or shows and wants to be as comfortable as possible.

If you’re having trouble with fitment watch this VIDEO or find a Status Racing Dealer closest to you. A lot of our dealers have seats instock and you go try them out for yourself. If you’re looking to customize your seat, check out our Status Racing Icon Seat configurator. Our Racing Seat Configurator allows you to choose any style option you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on there, email us at





Infamous M3 Gets that Blue Carbon Swag

This is an amazingly modded BMW M3 E90 that was a project car of our sister company Vivid Racing. After building it up they sold it, but before selling it the new owner wanted two more upgrades installed. One being a KW HAS Coilover kit and the other a set of our Status Racing Icon seats.

After testing out different looks and styles on our Status Seat Configurator, he found the perfect combination for his new prized possession. He went with our Status Ring GT-X seats which are more for the daily driver who wants that extra security while testing the limits on his way to work. The Ring GT-X seats fit people with up to 38 inch waist size. This seat is also FIA approved with a regular carbon fiber backing. This particular customer decided to go with our newly released Blue Carbon seats. Along with the blue carbon on the back he covered them in black ultrasuede with matching blue stitching.

This car is a legend because of the videos made by Vivid Racing, but it also goes down in the Status Hall of Fame. Let us know what you think of the blue carbon backed seats in this famed M3.




Attention all Texan Tuners

If you are near Temple Texas, you are one of the lucky ones! STATUS Racing works with a small dealer network both around the US and internationally. Tuner Ready Motorsports is one of our main distributors located in central Texas and serving not only in the United States but internationally. Here at STATUS, we are confident that when we send a customer their way, Tuner Ready will handle them with the utmost respect and in a professional manner. Many people who buy our seats want to see them in person or test fit the different sizes—visiting Tuner Ready’s showroom, you can see several different models, sizes, and colors! STATUS Seats are in such high demand however, you should call ahead of time if there is a specific seat you would like to see a demo of.

Tuner Ready Motorsports is capable of outfitting you ride from STATUS Seats, to air fresheners, to suspension or performance upgrades—anything you need, they have it! But the best part of Tuner Ready are the highly knowledgeable staff who have been in the industry turning wrenches since they had their first car. They are passionate about the industry, about cars, and about taking care of their customers. If you check out their Facebook Page (Tuner Ready Motorsports) or their Facebook Group (GOONSQUAD), you will see that they have a ton of customer who are huge STATUS Racing fans. For all of our STATUS Racing fans stationed at Fort Hood, Tuner Ready is only a 15 minute drive. Stop in, shop around and see what Tuner Ready can do for your ride.

If you are looking for the best price on a set of you dream seats, Tuner Ready Motorsports is your friendly neighborhood shop that ships worldwide! Give them a call 254-774-9080. If you’re no where near Temple Texas, but want to find a Status Dealer near you, fill out the form on our Where to Buy section and we will let you know what dealer is located near you! If you’re bored, check out our Status Racing Seat Configurator. You will be able to design and share your custom Status Racing Seat.





The Perfect Custom Seats for this Aggressively Sleek Subaru

This Subaru has been called, “Tastefully modded, aggressive and sleek; not overdone, but done with great attention to detail.” We couldn’t agree more. This customer obviously had a big picture for this build. This is not his first build and probably won’t be his last. The carbon on the accents and flows with the design of the stock body. It doesn’t modify, it amplifies the Subaru design and essence. Of course, this thing turns heads, that goes without saying. But we have a fond appreciation for the people who take time to enhance the place they spend the most time. Yes, we are a seat company, but that’s not the whole reason we appreciate interiors. We love custom interiors because it’s like decorating the inside of your house. We just feel that a custom interior allows you to see and enjoy your hard earned money.

These were the exact word from the customer when he received his seats,  “Omg omg I love them!!!” What more can we say!

His build is one we’ve been looking forward to for a while. He chose out Status Spa reclinable seats with gray ultrasuede and white stitching to compliment his silver ride. He also has red accents in his Volk wheels and the stickers on his car, so what better way to finish off a set of Status Spa seats, than a pair of Red, FIA Approved, Status Racing Harnesses. We are so pumped to present his build. The pictures below are a compilation of emails that we’ve gotten from him since he bought his seats.