Waiting for the Right Moment

Finding the right car to start modifying can be quite the struggle, as any enthusiast will tell that cars are money pits. Quality parts generally cost much more and exclusive parts can be nearly impossible to find. Because of this many refuse to settle and hold out in the pursuit for the “perfect build” and continue to wait for the right moment to make these purchases. Recently we had the pleasure to meet up with Arizona native, Ivan Jacobo, to discuss his BMW E46 M3 build. When we first saw the car we knew right away that it had to featured, it was easy to see that each part had been meticulously picked to complement the next.

Question & Answer:

SR: Whats your name?

IJ: Ivan Jacobo

SR: What do you do for a living?

IJ: I cook for a living, I started my own food truck ( 319 the truck) last year but we got rear ended and totaled 3 days before the Superbowl this year. So now im doing private contracted chef work, until I decide what will be my next step.

SR: What do you drive?

IJ: BMW E46 M3 Hardtop Vert

SR: How long you have had the car?

IJ: Ive owned the car for a little over two years, but I decide to mod it about 6 months ago.

SR: Why did you chosse the plat from you did?

IJ: After playing need for speed when I was younger and seeing the m3 e46, it quickly became one of my favorite cars. I choose the convertible version because I liked it really. To me there are 3 different M3 E46 body styles, vert, coupe and hardtop convertible. I just like the way the car looks with the hardtop and if you want to go top down, all you have to is remove the hardtop to enjoy the weather.

SR: How long has the build been underway?

IJ: I wanted to get the build going as soon as i got the car. But decided to wait and do some maintenance work first and save for the right parts I wanted.

SR: Favorite part about the build/car?

IJ: My favorite part about the build is the fact that it got me back into cars. And ive meet and became friends with so many cool people.

SR: Hardest part about the build?

IJ: Hardest part about the build was definitely waiting to be able to afford the parts I really wanted to be honest.

SR: Future plans?

IJ: The mods that will get done in the next two months are, gold rose harness-bar, industry garage rear flares, custom front fenders and the wheels will get rebuild to 18×14 w/ 7″ lips in the back and 18×10.5 w/ 3.5″ in front gold flake center brushed lips and black hardware. And hopefully after some boost and bbk maybe a color swap.

SR: Anything you would change?

IJ: If I could change anything it would be my front lip choice Ive broken a total of 4 now, and I keep buying the same one every time. Shows how much Ive learned.

SR: Who has helped with the build?

IJ: The whole build was done with friends from StoopidLow or ABMWGroup. Jayar fernandez helped me source and pick my wheel combo, Ric Guerrero and Bryant Nguyen rolled my fenders to fit the wheels as well as coilover install and dialing the fitment.(StoopidLow)

AZBMWGroup: Tofy Alshammary helped me with all the stance questions as he already had his M3 stanced. Amr Abdin and Marv Martinez were my go to guys when it came to advice on installing parts and getting recommendations on parts.

SR: Special thanks?

IJ:  All the guys Ive mentioned above they are the real MVP’s!

Mod List:

  • Khoalty CSL one piece carbon fiber lip
  • Vorsteiner carbon fiber CSL rear diffuser
  • Oem LED lights
  • Custom Josh Avery rear splitter
  • Custom side skirt extensions with fins
  • BC racing coilovers
  • SPC performance rear camber arms
  • Work meister s1 3p wheels (18×9 +34 2in lip fronts and 18×12 +21 5in lip rears)
  • Custom rear backseat delete
  • Status Racing Icon carbon fiber and suede race seats
  • Sparco floor mounts
  • Schroth racing harness
  • Supersprint race exhaust


Status_Racing_Ivan (1 of 11)

Status_Racing_Ivan (2 of 11)

Status_Racing_Ivan (3 of 11)

Status_Racing_Ivan (4 of 11)

Status_Racing_Ivan (5 of 11)

Status_Racing_Ivan (6 of 11)

Status_Racing_Ivan (7 of 11)

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Status_Racing_Ivan (9 of 11)

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Status_Racing_Ivan (11 of 11)


Images provided by Cody Gephart







Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen Without A Racecar In Between

Client submitted photos are always great and seeing cars come together can be such an amazing thing to witness. Hard work and long hours in the pursuit of the “perfect” ride, Nath Howell seems to have gotten one step closer with his Subaru build.  This bug eye is sitting beautifully on a set of Work wheels and he was able to tie his interior together complementing his Takata Green harnesses with a pair of blue Statüs Ring seats. Pictures speak much more so we have included a few below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

See more of Nath Howell on IG : @original_bath_towel

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)



Fresh New Status Racing Seats

We just got these pictures from our makers in Washington. These pictures were taken right before the seats were going to be shipped out. This is why we love doing what we do. How many cars will you see with White and gray seats, almost none. These ultrasuede dreams are one-of-a-kind. You can create and share your own one-of-a-kind creation using our revolutionary racing seat configurator. We want to have a little fun with this post and get your opinion on what kind of car you think these are going in.

We aren’t going to ruin the surprise, we want you to guess what kind of car these seats are going in? Post your vote below in the comment section or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @thestatusracing.




Custom Icon Seats in a Root Beer Evo

This Past Weekend was the 3rd annual Cannibeat’s First Class Fitment show. Many people were in attendance displaying their cars that they have worked so hard all year to make beautiful for the show. One in particular stood out from the rest. Why? because this car had custom status seats installed in his Mitsubishi Evo. Mickey Orlando’s car was a huge hit by proudly displaying his custom tan and brown leather Icon Ring GTX and Spa. Now i’m in the mood for a root beer float. Enjoy some of pics below. If you would like to design your own status seats please visit this link.

Premium seats for very rare automobiles

When customers order a set of Status seats, they are not only looking for safety which is our number one goal. They are also looking for comfort, originality and the highest quality.  With each of our seats carefully handmade, we strive for perfection. That’s why our dealer Grua Auto AS in Norway decided to choose Status. They have collected some of the nicest and rarest cars available. including two of the rarest cars in their possession. Ford Escort Mk2 and the Ford RS200.  These two cars are one of the most legendary and sought after European rally cars. We are honored to have our Ring seats inside such amazing vehicles. enjoy the photos.


Status Icon Ring Video

Our Icon seats take an unique approach of what a standard seats are. Functionally they are identical, but with our icon seats you are able to choose what you want it to look like with different stitching, colors and materials. Just like Burger King once said “Have it your way”. Here is one of many upcoming videos of our amazing seats made in the USA.

Status Icon Video

Diamond Stitch Icon Seats in STi

Alex Logan in Anchorage Alaska just sent us some pictures of his diamond Stitch Ultrasuede seats installed in his Hawkeye STi and I must say they look legit. These seats are in Deep French Grey Ultrasuede with diamond Stitch and Black STÄTUS Logo these are also just preliminary pictures until he gets the rest of the interior to match. So stay tuned for a more full feature. The door cards, headliner, pillars, and trunk are all going to be matching along with some outside shots of the car with a pretty extensive mod list. They’re isn’t a huge import scene up in Alaska but Alex’s car is definitely on par with some of the cars we see down here in Phoenix’s import crowd.

New Seat Materials Available on the Status Icon Config

We thought we would up the anty with some craziness by adding 2 new materials to our Status Icon configurator.  You can now configure a Ring or Ring GT seat with carbon vinyl or Ostrich leather.  Yes that is right you bonzo unique car show people, we said Ostrich!  Our seat jacket company has these different materials available in several colors.  So come to our Seat Configurator and design the wildest seat you can to share on Facebook!

Ostrich Seat Configurator

Carbon Vinyl Seat Configurator

Carbon Vinyl Seat Configurator