Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen Without A Racecar In Between

Client submitted photos are always great and seeing cars come together can be such an amazing thing to witness. Hard work and long hours in the pursuit of the “perfect” ride, Nath Howell seems to have gotten one step closer with his Subaru build.  This bug eye is sitting beautifully on a set of Work wheels and he was able to tie his interior together complementing his Takata Green harnesses with a pair of blue Statüs Ring seats. Pictures speak much more so we have included a few below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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All White, Everything… Literally!

This is interior luxury made for a king. Then to top it off it’s going in domestic royalty. Our customer Ryan put pride into driving his show-stopping challenger. Now he’s really going to be driving in style. These are some of the sexiest looking seats we’ve seen come out of the warehouse in a while. We knew when we saw these that these were just one piece to a much larger picture. These all white leather Status Spa Icon seats make you feel like you’re sitting in a thrown on your daily commute. This car is the epitome of go big, or go home!

Ryan’s all white leather interior illuminates the inside of his car! The white alone would get people’s attention, but then you pair the all white leather with that candy purple exterior and this thing is what we would describe as “PIMP!” We can’t wait to get the final pictures of these things installed. We know that even when he’s done with this set of mods that this labor of love will continue on. We will be right there to follow it!

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2014 STi Hatchback with Varis Widebody Kit and Status Seats

Christmas came early with this customer’s car. He has a super wide, super sexy 2011 Subaru Sti hatchback. The inside has an aggressive color scheme with black and red accents, while the outside is a sophisticated white with gold and carbon accents. What better way to make your interior as custom as your exterior, but with a set of custom seats that match you interior exactly?

The car is getting a lot of attention not only because the way it looks but more about what brand made it look that way. This subie lover is rocking the highly sought after Varis Widebody kit. Of course this veteran tuner didn’t stop at the widebody kit. He topped it off with a sexy set of gold wheels and other carbon fiber parts to make the look complete. Beyond the external, he also upgrades his performance with some of the best names in the industry, like COBB and Perrin. This guy is a true tuner and we are pumped to have him repping our seats.

The photos by Daniel Olivares of TT Productions,  really captures the quality of materials used in each Status Seat. He’s rocking a set of all leather Status Racing Ring GT-X seats with FRP backing. In one picture in particular, you can see the detail in the leather and the red stitching. It really shows off the quality and detail that we include in every, Status Racing seat we produce. He upgraded to the icon seat with the two-toned Status logo in the headrest. The White makes the STATUS pop more, and the Red keeps with the color scheme of the interior. To finish off the look, he went with a set of all black Status Racing Harnesses.

Create your own custom seat with our Status Racing Seat Configurator. Enjoy these pictures and let us know what you think of the build in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Our Superstar Subie is at it Again

It is the end of the year and as most people do they think back on the year and what they’ve accomplished. Then look forward to the new year and start to plot how they are going to take over the world in 2014…. At least that’s what we do… Cruising on Instagram we were tagged in a picture by a Subaru we sponsored and the caption was,

“The year is almost over, and I just wanted to thank all the people who have helped me over the years. Friends, family, and sponsors, I thank you!”

It wasn’t long, it probably didn’t take much time, and yet made such an impression on us. Some sponsorship’s in the past, have gone somewhat awry. We, like most people, appreciate when people take time to give a shout out. It shows that not only did we help an awesome build, but an awesome person come that much closer to reaching their goal. Enough of our holiday sapp. Here are more recent stellar photos of this Superstar Subaru.

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Audacious R32 GT-R with Leather Status Seats

This Status customer from Canada is the ideal Status customer. He has a bad ass daily that needed too look as jaw dropping on the inside as it does the outside. To get setup with the perfect seats for him he went to Boost Theory. They were able to set him up with the Black leather seats with carbon fiber backing. The leather makes the interior exude superiority like the outside does. Because this R32 GT-R is a show pony, looks are everything and the carbon fiber back, is icing on the cake. Below are pictures of his full setup. If you keep scrolling you can see his extensive mod list. To say his car is a labor of love is an understatement. For people who rock Status Seats, their car is their identity. We’re please to upgrade this customer’s Status!

Make your own Status seat using out seat configurator HERE. Find a dealer near you HERE.

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing

Nissan R32 GT-R with Black Leather Status Seats with Carbon Fiber Backing


2X Garrett GT28RS
HKS Step 2 264o Cams
HKS Step 2 Valve Springs
HKS GT Intercooler
HKS Oil Cap
Greddy Cam Gears
Greddy Timing Belt
Greddy Plenum
Greddy Profec Boost Controller
Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit
Greddy Pulley Kit
Trust Oil Cooler
Nismo Exhaust Outlet Pipes
Nismo Mount Kit (Motor and Tranny)
Nismo Low-Temp Thermostat
Nismo Rad Cap
Tomei Oil Restrictor
Tomei 1.2MM HeadGasket
Tomei Intake & Exhaust Gaskets
FederalRace Intercooler Piping
FederalRace Oil Dipstick
FederalRace 3 1/2″ SS Intake Piping
FederalRace Downpipe
Apex’I PowerFC D-Jetro
FC Datalogit
Kakimoto Racing Exhaust
Blitz Twin Blow-Off Valves
Cusco Oil Catch Can
Koyo Aluminum Radiator
FAL Electric Fans
FAL Fan Controller
Samco Rad & Heater Hoses
AEM Water/Meth Kit
ARC Titanium Rad Panel
Taylor Battery Relocation Kit
Optima Yellow Top Battery
ARP HeadStuds
N1 Waterpump
N1 Oil Pump
N1 Bottom End
Gatorback Belts (PS, Alt & WP)
DHM 3″ Electronic Cutout
Mild Port & Polish
Bronze Valve Guide Inserts
Multi Angle Valve Job
Ceramic Coated Exhaust Manifolds
Ported Exhaust Runners
Ported Intake Runners
Q45 Throttle Body
Z32 Modified Throttle Cable
120A Alternator
Splitfire Coilpacks

Nismo Big Operating Cylinder
Nismo Braided Clutch Line
Nismo Clutch Pivot Ball
ORC 659 Twin Plate Clutch
BCNR33 Transmission

Ignited HID 4300K Kit
Nismo Carbon Rear Spoiler
Nismo Side Skirts
Nismo Front Air Ducts
Nismo Bonnet Grill
EastBear Carbon Mirrors
Trust Shift Knob
Saurus Carbon Lip
Carbon Bumper Guard
Top Secret Carbon Bonnet
Top Secret Lock Pins
Track: Prodrive 17” MT ET Streets
Show: Panasport G17 C5C2 18″ Nitto Invo
3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film
Kics Project R40 NeoChrome Lugnuts
Silk Road Front Diffuser
AbFlug Rear Diffuser
Fujimura Auto Carbon Flap
Hasemi MotorSports Carbon SideSpats
QestJapan LED Taillights
Olympia Blue Wrap

Suspension & Brakes
HKS HiperMax II Coilovers
Nismo Front Strut Bar
Cusco Rear Strut Bar
Cusco Front Sway Bar
Cusco Rear Sway Bar
KTS Aluminum Sub Frame Bushings
KTS Adjustible Front Upper A-Arms
KTS Adjustible Tie Rods
Tomei Hicas Lock E-U
Brembo Brake Calipers
DBA Slotted 4000 Series Rotors
Hawk HP Plus Pads
MoonFace Super Lap Roll Center
Silk Road Engine Damper
Kics Chrome Spacers
APP SS Braided Brake Lines
Nismo Long Wheel Studs

Greddy Fuel Rail
Siemens Deka 780CC Injectors
Nismo 276LPH Fuel Pump
FederalRace SwirlPot
Aeromotive A1000 FPR
Aeromotive Fuel Filter
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
Russell FPG (Liquid Filled)
Stainless Fuel Lines
Anodized Fittings

Blitz Oil Temp
Blitz Oil Press
Blitz Ex Temp
Blitz Boost Gauge
Nismo Speedometer
Nismo Clutch Pedal Bracket
HKS Turbo Timer
HKS Floor Mats
Tomei Shift Knob
Greddy Water Temp Gauge
Greddy A-Pillar Gauge Pod
Italvolanti F1 Steering Wheel
Status Racing Leather wrapped CF Seats
OMP Sliders
Planted Base
Status Brackets
OMP Race Pedals
Willans 4 point seat harness
Innovate XD-16 Gauge
Carbon Dash Gauge Pod
Super Bright LED Cluster Conversion
Cusco D1 6 point Chromoly Roll Cage
Superior Auto Creative Cup Holder
Superior Auto Creative CF Rear Seat
Leather Shift and EBrake Boot

Alpine IVA-W200 Deck
Alpine SPR-17LS Front Components
Alpine SPS-69C2 Rear Components
Alpine MRP-F250 Amplifier
Kenwood KFC-W2513PS Subs
Kenwood KAC-8105D Class D Amp


Blue Carbon Available for Purchase TODAY!

We are finally ready to release the blue carbon seats on the world. As we’ve said in the past, we’ve been at work this year. 2013 has been a year of new products for us. We have had the honeycomb carbon, the red carbon, and now blue carbon. Along with the various color of carbons we got out GT-X seat FIA approved. All these changes are based on feedback we’ve gotten through our social media and customer feedback. So just know your suggestions don’t fall on deaf ears. You can also look forward to some other new products to debut in November at a certain car show, but we’ve already said too much, back to the blue carbon.

The blue weave gives it a navy blue look. Same with the red carbon, the seat can look like different colors depending on the lighting. With no light (as you will see in the picture below) it looks like navy blue. Then when you put the back directly in the light the blue comes to life. The blue is so vibrant it’s hard to take your eyes off of it. Here are pictures of the first blue carbon backed seats to be produced. We will be doing a follow up in the future with more pictures once we get the seat in the shop.

What do you think of the blue carbon? What car would you like to see it in? What fabric would you put with it? So many questions, we want to know what you think! Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.







Fresh New Status Racing Seats

We just got these pictures from our makers in Washington. These pictures were taken right before the seats were going to be shipped out. This is why we love doing what we do. How many cars will you see with White and gray seats, almost none. These ultrasuede dreams are one-of-a-kind. You can create and share your own one-of-a-kind creation using our revolutionary racing seat configurator. We want to have a little fun with this post and get your opinion on what kind of car you think these are going in.

We aren’t going to ruin the surprise, we want you to guess what kind of car these seats are going in? Post your vote below in the comment section or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @thestatusracing.




Lambo and Camaro get similar STÄTUS Seats

These are two different customers who built their custom STÄTUS seats separatly, however, they are strikingly similar. One owner is putting his leather, ultra suede combination with custom diamond stitching, in his Camaro ZL 770. The other unique thing that this STÄTUS customer chose to do is stitch his logo into the top of the seat like you see below. The other set of ultra suede with custom diamond stitching will be going in an incredible Lamborghini Gallardo. Here are the amazing custom seats. We will update you will install pics once they get them.

The Dark Side of STÄTUS

We leaked a photo of this customer’s sweet ride, but the seats weren’t the only thing getting attention. Lady Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers decided to make an appearance in this photo shoot. These custom STÄTUS seats are a mixture of ultra suede with black stitching, a white stitched STÄTUS logo and all black STÄTUS harnesses. This Lady Darth brought the dark side, to the inside of her Subaru. But before this Lady Darth went to the darkside, she was just a Spiffe tuner girl who loved her car.

What do you think of this dark side ride? Submit your own pictures or videos to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @thestatusracing.

STÄTUS Gets Love in S3 Magazine

One of the best parts about working at STÄTUS is that we get to see people create their dream cars with our products. We get orders in from people telling us what kind of car they have. We always give our suggestions, but we are blown away by the creativity people have when it comes to their cars. S3 Magazine features some bad ass rides, that are customized to the nines. We ooooh and ahhhh over all the creations people come up with. The latest Common Ground feature in S3 Magazine bi-line reads, “There is a lot more that binds us than divides us.” That is why we love this industry. You can appreciate so many styles and different point of views from people all over the world. It doesn’t matter what you drive, what you rep, it’s about appreciating what other people have come up with. We think that Yousef Alvi, Brandon Pendred, and Brandon Paul got it right with featuring this car (and our seats of course). Big Shout out to S3 Magazine and those involved in the article.

To see more of our seats in sweet rides check out our gallery, Facebook, Twitter @thestatusracing or IG @thestatusracing.