Blue & Green Should Never Be Seen Without A Racecar In Between

Client submitted photos are always great and seeing cars come together can be such an amazing thing to witness. Hard work and long hours in the pursuit of the “perfect” ride, Nath Howell seems to have gotten one step closer with his Subaru build.  This bug eye is sitting beautifully on a set of Work wheels and he was able to tie his interior together complementing his Takata Green harnesses with a pair of blue Statüs Ring seats. Pictures speak much more so we have included a few below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

See more of Nath Howell on IG : @original_bath_towel

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The Power Wagon! Subaru WRX featured in Performance Tuner Magazine!

Freshly featured in Performance Tuner Magazine, this 2007 Subaru WRX is not your typical wagon!

Features a set of our Carbon Fiber Status Racing Ring GT-X seats and with a motor built up to 560 HP this Subaru gets down!

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Status Sponsors Modded WRX Wagon

It’s been months since we last sponsored a car. We are proud to present the latest member to the Status Racing Team. This car passed the strict list of requirements that we have for a sponsorship car. We are happy to show you the before pictures of our latest Status Sponsored car. We will be receiving pictures from him once the seats arrive and once they are installed. Then the real fun starts. We get to see this car at meets and shows, showing off our Status Racing seats. Until all that happens, here are some of the details about this futuristic WRX wagon!








  • Manley Performance Forged Pistons
  • Manley Performance Forged H-beam Rods
  • ACL Race Bearings
  • STI Oil pump, Manley Performance Springs and Retainers
  • Ferrea Valves
  • Brian Crower 272 Cams
  • Killer B oil pick up
  • Perrin Fuel rail
  • Perrin 3inch turbo inlet
  • Perrin Equal length manifold
  • Grimmspeed external gate up pipe
  • Tial MVS wastegate
  • Blouch Performance Dominator 3.5 XT-R Turbo (stock location GTX3076)
  • APS intercooler piping
  • Tial Q BOV
  • ETS 4inch Custom intercooler core
  • Protuned by Motion Lab Tuning(the shop that I work for) 517awhp/478ftlb
  • STI 6speed swap


  • Airlift Performance Struts
  • Accuair Elevel Management
  • 2x 3gallon Airtanks
  • 2x 400c Compressors
  • Perrin Anti Lift Kit
  • Whiteline rear lateral Links
  • Whiteline Roll Center Adjuster
  • Project Mu 355mm Big Brake Kit with matching Rear STI Brembos
  • Project mu Bforce pads


  • Grip Royal hand painted steering wheel
  • Hand painted mural headliner(Japanese theme, professionally painted)
  • STI Transmission surround
  • PBM Shift Knob
  • Defi Gauges


  • Sedan front end conversion
  • Genuine Karlton Fender Flares
  • Mature Rear diffuser
  • RS hood(scoopless)
  • Shaved Roof
  • Sti Grp N Front Lip


  • 18×11.5 Rotiform TMB(currently the largest wheel to my knowledge on a Subaru Wagon)
  • 255 35 18 Hankook Ventus V12 tires
  • Project Mu Super Lock 7 Lug Nuts



The Dark Side of STÄTUS

We leaked a photo of this customer’s sweet ride, but the seats weren’t the only thing getting attention. Lady Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers decided to make an appearance in this photo shoot. These custom STÄTUS seats are a mixture of ultra suede with black stitching, a white stitched STÄTUS logo and all black STÄTUS harnesses. This Lady Darth brought the dark side, to the inside of her Subaru. But before this Lady Darth went to the darkside, she was just a Spiffe tuner girl who loved her car.

What do you think of this dark side ride? Submit your own pictures or videos to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @thestatusracing.

WR Blue WRX with Black STÄTUS Racing Seats

This WRX didn’t always look like this and as many new WRX owners will find it is often very hard to find an unmolested WRX much like a virgin S13 240sx or Honda Civic. Andrew went through his trials and tribulations with his ride as all of us enthusiasts have and has made this WRX not only road worthy but also his own. The WRX puts down hp and torque numbers (engine friendly I might add) that are nothing to scoff at. 300hp and more than 320 lb-ft of torque not bad for a car that little over a year ago was plagued with a blown transmission clutch and countless other electrical gremlins from the previous owner. With the motor sound and the suspension dialed in  Andrew had big plans that involved Rally but quickly realized the successful rally team runs on major sponsors or a rich mans wallet so he decided to do what any smart would be racer would do get into your local solo racing or AutoX scene. He needed a seat that would hold him in but was still comfortable for daily driving. He chose STÄTUS Racing seats and has never doubted his decision. The seats are a great addition even when Andrew decides to take his car to the next level he knows the STÄTUS Racing Ring seats will be up to the challenge. These Rings provide the much needed lateral support that the stock seats just can’t provide with the G’s you can pull in a well tuned AWD vehicle. These seats are sure to ensure that Andrew will spend more time thinking out the next downshift and hairpin rather than having brace himself. After all The Regular Ring seats like the ones in this WRX are FIA approved so he should have no trouble passing tech when he moves up to full track events.

Check out this link STÄTUS Racing Ring Bucket Seats

Thanks Again Andrew for the pics and we will be sure to follow your progress in the grassroots racing scene in the Pacific Northwest.