New Ring GTX Seats for Vivid Racing Project Cars

Vivid Racing is equipping their Project 991 Turbo and Project Mini Cooper Countryman S JCW with some new Status Racing Ring GT-X bucket seats.  The first set for the Mini Cooper JCW is a throw back to the Laguna GT seat by Status.  It has a standard carbon fiber shell with white stitching and white logo.  The ultrasuede is done in black and features preforated leather inserts where the seats typically see the most action from hands or body.  The set for the Porsche 991 Turbo is done with a red carbon shell to pop along with the stock red seat belts and other red and carbon accutrements.  The all black leather seats featuring preforated seat cushions for better breathability are almost OEM like to the Porsche.  The headrests have a embossed Status logo much like the factory Porsche crest.  Enjoy these sneak shots from the factory in Washington State and stay tuned for full install photos.

Make sure to check out the Status Racing Seat Configurator to design yours!


Infamous M3 Gets that Blue Carbon Swag

This is an amazingly modded BMW M3 E90 that was a project car of our sister company Vivid Racing. After building it up they sold it, but before selling it the new owner wanted two more upgrades installed. One being a KW HAS Coilover kit and the other a set of our Status Racing Icon seats.

After testing out different looks and styles on our Status Seat Configurator, he found the perfect combination for his new prized possession. He went with our Status Ring GT-X seats which are more for the daily driver who wants that extra security while testing the limits on his way to work. The Ring GT-X seats fit people with up to 38 inch waist size. This seat is also FIA approved with a regular carbon fiber backing. This particular customer decided to go with our newly released Blue Carbon seats. Along with the blue carbon on the back he covered them in black ultrasuede with matching blue stitching.

This car is a legend because of the videos made by Vivid Racing, but it also goes down in the Status Hall of Fame. Let us know what you think of the blue carbon backed seats in this famed M3.




Fresh New Status Racing Seats

We just got these pictures from our makers in Washington. These pictures were taken right before the seats were going to be shipped out. This is why we love doing what we do. How many cars will you see with White and gray seats, almost none. These ultrasuede dreams are one-of-a-kind. You can create and share your own one-of-a-kind creation using our revolutionary racing seat configurator. We want to have a little fun with this post and get your opinion on what kind of car you think these are going in.

We aren’t going to ruin the surprise, we want you to guess what kind of car these seats are going in? Post your vote below in the comment section or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @thestatusracing.




Status Racing Limited Perrin Performance Ring GT-X Seats

The Status Racing Limited Collections are a special collaboration of the Status product with influential companies, people, or artists.  For this collaboration, Status has partnered with Perrin Performance.  Perrin has been an influential manufacture and vehicle tuner for over 10 years with extreme focus on vehicles such as the Subaru and Mitsubishi platforms.  This Limited Edition Perrin seat is based on our new Ring GT-X bucket FRP composite seat.  Designed in collaboration with Perrin, this seat is done in full ultrasuede featuring a black outer with red stitching and a gray inner for the back and bottom cushions.  This Status Racing Limited seat is sold exclusively through Perrin Performance here.

As featured in our 2012 SEMA FR-S, PERRIN racing seats are the perfect accent for any show vehicle. These high end, fixed back seats feature comfortable, moderate height bolsters making it easy to get in and out of your vehicle. Equipped with harness slots, PERRIN racing seats will work with any 3, 4, 5, and 6 point harness.
The lower hip is proportioned for normal to large size drivers by flaring out the thigh bolsters to accommodate more space. It’s slight V shape still gives great support in the leg area but without compromising function. The top half of the seat is narrower at the top, to fit both larger drivers and into smaller tuner cars. The high quality Ultra-suede is form fitted to the “Made in the USA” composite shell.

Status Racing seats are made in the USA using high quality composite materials derived from their background in Military safety products. Each seat goes through our quality control inspections to make sure you get the most pristine product available.

These true racing seats feature abs harness pass throughs to accommodate 3 inch Harness kits. STATUS racing offers 3″ seat harnesses with either 4 mounting points or FIA approved 5 or 6 mounting points in red, black or blue. These harnesses are available from PERRIN Performance and can ship with your seat order.

PERRIN racing seats feature Status side brackets made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and finished with a black anodizing. Planted seat base sliders & brackets are made with 3/16″ thick steel for superior strength. Extra material is provided for direct seat or side mount applications where eliminating sliders is preferred.


New 2012 Status Ring GT-X Gets Diamonded

With the new Ring GT-X seat newly released, it was only a matter of minutes that people were configuring their Status Icon setup.  This customer is going to be overly stoked when he gets his new Status Racing Ring GT-X Icon seats.  The all black ultrasuede jacket features a blue stitched logo with matching stitched seams.  The center section has been done in blue ultrasuede featuring a tightly done diamond stitching.  Along with the carbon fiber shell, this pair is official!