6 Point Harness Blowout

We have stacks on, on stacks, on stacks of 6 point harness kits ready to ship today. The 6 point harness is, not only FIA approved, but equipped with an easy-to-use Cam Lock design that allows for quick disconnect. The installation of the belts themselves are quick and easy, perfect for the experienced racer. All STÄTUS harnesses are made with CNC machined aluminum and feature the STÄTUS logo on the shoulder straps and buckle. The STÄTUS logo on the shoulder belt is imprinted in a rubber material, that  allows the harness to lay flat across the chest, but it also stylizes the harness. The 6 point harness is the ultimate racing safety feature. If you’re a serious driver, you needs a harness like this.

We have red and black, 6 point harnesses available to ship today! Email sales@statusracing.com for inquiries.







Here’s a video we did last year of a collaboration we did with Perrin. You get a glimpse of the 6 point harness. Let us know what you think of the 6 point harnesses on Facebook, Instagram @thestatusracing, or Twitter @thestatusracing. We also have 5 red, 5 pt harnesses in stock and ready to ship as well. If you’re interested email sales@statusracing.com.