Derek Madison at FD St Louis!

Well, Formula Drift St. Louis was a rough round for us. We weren’t off to a great start after breaking the car, missing practice, and putting the car into the wall before qualifying. We weren’t off to a great start..

From our first lap out in practice, we were on an absolute tear! We had one of the fastest cars in the field and were the most consistent. We were quickly in the top five until the hometown plague came over us. We broke a driveshaft in practice causing us to miss a whole practice session and robbing us of drive time. We got the car back together for the morning, and on our second lap, we dropped a tire into the dirt, and it slingshotted the car to the right and sent us through the grass into the tire wall.

We had an absolute ripper of a lap in our qualifying session and got to the last turn, and I overcooked it and spun out for the first time all year. In the bottom 8 for our second run, we had to the one of the best two to make it in. We laid down an awesome lap, but received a very low score for some reason, even though it rivaled some of the best laps of the weekend. Sadly enough, that took us out of competition for the weekend. Even with our tough battles, we still managed to get some good media from a few of our photographers!