Agency Power helps STÄTUS get into Mercedes C-Class

STÄTUS wants to be in every performance and car enthusiast’s car that we can. This was a goal we weren’t able to  accomplish for the simple fact that one of the most popular performance cars was unequipped to hold STÄTUS seats. Mercedes makes their seats in such a way that the OEM seat-belt buckle is a part of the seat. When you remove the seat, you remove the buckle. STÄTUS, being a company that primarily manufactures seats needed to branch out and partner with someone who was able to design and manufacture a bracket that would accommodate the STÄTUS seat and the Mercedes OEM belt buckle. Our partner in crime Vivid Racing reached out to their friends at Agency Power to assist in the creation of a bracket that would solve the ever prevalent STÄTUS/ Mercedes problem.

Here’s the result of individual companies coming together to solve a mutually troubling problem. These brackets are only for Mercedes C-Class 08-13+, they are not online yet. If you’re interested in making your car official, email To see your seats before you buy them, head over and test out our state-of-the-art seat configurator. Tell us what you think of the brackets on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @thestatusracing. Check out a full pictorial install here.