All White, Everything… Literally!

This is interior luxury made for a king. Then to top it off it’s going in domestic royalty. Our customer Ryan put pride into driving his show-stopping challenger. Now he’s really going to be driving in style. These are some of the sexiest looking seats we’ve seen come out of the warehouse in a while. We knew when we saw these that these were just one piece to a much larger picture. These all white leather Status Spa Icon seats make you feel like you’re sitting in a thrown on your daily commute. This car is the epitome of go big, or go home!

Ryan’s all white leather interior illuminates the inside of his car! The white alone would get people’s attention, but then you pair the all white leather with that candy purple exterior and this thing is what we would describe as “PIMP!” We can’t wait to get the final pictures of these things installed. We know that even when he’s done with this set of mods that this labor of love will continue on. We will be right there to follow it!

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