Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

We’ve said it before, and you’ll probably hear it again, but we have the best customers and dealers in all the land. This customer takes his car to any and all events around him. Not only does he do a stellar job of repping Status at each event, but he even lets people sit in his car, so they can get the feel of being behind the wheel in the seat. As we do with all of our customers we asked him to send in pictures and a review of how he likes his seats. Here’s what he had to say,

Every time I bring my car to events I’m answering questions left and right about my seats and how they could proceed in getting some. I tell them about them size differences, styles, fabrics, and color options. I let them sit in my car to get a good feel for how they feel behind a wheel and at a car height!”

It’s not like his car needs much effort to get attention. The awesome yellow of his S2000seems to do the trick to attract attention. However, most people are pleasantly surprised to see custom seats that compliment the overall design of the car. The black almost blends in, until the pop of the yellow stitching and Status logo catch your eye, then you’re hooked. We are proud to have such awesome people representing our product.

If you have picture of your seats or want to send us a review of your seat, you can email it to, and who knows, maybe we’ll put it up on our blog. If you don’t want to send pictures, just tag us on Instagram (@thestatusracing) or Facebook.