Custom Status Racing Icon Seats Coming to the UK

We told you back in September, that we now have an official STÄTUS Racing dealer in the UK. Why is this so cool? We have a ton of Status Racing fans across the pond, that have had a super hard time getting seats due to shipping. 6two1 is now the place to get your seats if you’re in the UK. He made a stocking order back in September, and is ready to make another order, due to demand in seats. If you’re in the UK and want to order one of our Customer Status Racing Icon Seats, please contact 6two1 or email and we can get you in touch with 6two1.

The other reason we are so pumped about working with 6two1 is because we get to work with this guy… (Forward to 4:30 for the announcement about Status Racing Seats.) So once again, if you’re in the UK and want any custom seat, please get in touch with us or 6two1. They will be sure to put your order in and get it sent over with their stocking order. Figure out what your custom Status Racing Icon Seat will look like by designing it yourself with our Status Racing Seat Configurator.