Double Diamond Design Pioneered by our Customer

Our G37 customer is starting  a new Status trend. Similar to the double diamond complexity on a ski slope, our double diamond stitch seats are also upping their style complexity. It makes us think what the next Status pioneer will come up with.   He went with our luxurious Status Racing Spa Reclinable seats. The black suede makes your interior opulent, but then you add the double-diamond stitching and this thing makes a statement where ever it goes.

We always say it, but we’ll say it again. We CUSTOM make seats. Our people in Washington custom make every seat that is ordered. If you have a style design, color scheme, certain fabric type, we will work with you to create the seats of your dreams. We will post pictures of the seats once they are installed. Until then, tell us what you think of our very first ever double-diamond stitched Status seats.