First Set of Red Carbon Seats Installed – Pictures

What’s sexier than red carbon backed Status Seats? Nothing! The red carbon seats were so popular that we only had them for a couple days to grab pictures before they were out the door and off to our customer in New York. The red carbon is such a cool addition to a Status seat. The variation of colors that the red carbon material displays in different lights is like have three seats in one. In direct light it look like a violent red, really loud and vibrant. In less light exposure they have Burgundy (no relation to Ron) color that is rich and classy. When it’s a bright day, but the sun isn’t directly on the seats it matches the stitching on the seat almost exactly. The blue carbon has a similar deviation of color.

We are excited to present you with pictures of our highly anticipated Red Carbon backed Status Racing Seats. The red carbon seats are accompanied by a set of our FIA Approved Harnesses. BRZ’s already get a lot of looks from the outside because of the shape, design and performance. Now this BRZ owner has a reason to flaunt his interior more than his exterior.

Let us know what you think of the Red carbon seats on this BRZ. You can tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. If you want more information on Status Racing Seats, check us out on YouTube. We have videos showing how the seats are made, the different bluered, and WASP carbon seats up close and personal, along with our FIA approved seats being crash tested. Design and create your own custom Status Racing Seat with our Status Icon Seat Configurator.