HoldFast USA X Status Seats

HoldFast USA and Status Racing have come to an agreement to launch a collaborative seat line for those looking to send it in an FIA-approved seat! As some of you may know, HoldFast USA has its own popular steering wheel line amongst the drifting community thanks to its founder Micah Diaz. Micah Diaz is a Formula Drift PROSPEC driver and a Status Racing Ambassador. Therefore, this being a match made in heaven.

Micah has three custom-designed Turismo FIA Head-Containment seats available on his website! You can pair these up with any of his steering wheels to set your interior off. Holdfast Seats are still made here at Status Racing here in Southern California and get drop shipped directly to your door. All orders are made to order with about a 6-week lead time at the time of this posting.

If you’re looking for your very own custom-designed TURISMO Seat, then head here and order from us! We can do custom logos and you have over 60 materials to choose from. Turismo Seat Here is our fabric selection guide