Honeycomb Carbon Install Pics

One of Vivid Racing’s sales guys bought the first pair of hexagonal, or honeycombed, backed Status seats for his Honda. He bought them with two-tone ultra suede and custom bright green stitching. He got them just in time for the Eibach Honda Meet. Before we put them in his car, we put them in the GT-R project car that Vivid has. It was a quick shoot because they were on their way to Eibach Honda Meet, but here are the picture from the GT-R shoot, some from the Eibach Honda Meet and others from a recent shoot we did.

We will be getting our first set of red colored carbon backed seats in soon. We will be doing a more extensive shoot with those and maybe another shoot with the hexagonal back, who knows. What do you think of the new Honeycombed carbon? Tell us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.