Infamous M3 Gets that Blue Carbon Swag

This is an amazingly modded BMW M3 E90 that was a project car of our sister company Vivid Racing. After building it up they sold it, but before selling it the new owner wanted two more upgrades installed. One being a KW HAS Coilover kit and the other a set of our Status Racing Icon seats.

After testing out different looks and styles on our Status Seat Configurator, he found the perfect combination for his new prized possession. He went with our Status Ring GT-X seats which are more for the daily driver who wants that extra security while testing the limits on his way to work. The Ring GT-X seats fit people with up to 38 inch waist size. This seat is also FIA approved with a regular carbon fiber backing. This particular customer decided to go with our newly released Blue Carbon seats. Along with the blue carbon on the back he covered them in black ultrasuede with matching blue stitching.

This car is a legend because of the videos made by Vivid Racing, but it also goes down in the Status Hall of Fame. Let us know what you think of the blue carbon backed seats in this famed M3.