New STÄTUS Video

Here at STÄTUS we get a lot of the same questions from customers and dealers like, what size waist will the Ring fit? What can I customize on my seat? Do you have a seat that reclines? Are any of your seats FIA approved? So, we decided the best way to get this information out to the masses is…. YOUTUBE! This is the first of many videos to come. We wanted to cover a lot of questions, but not make the video too long, so there aren’t specifics about each seats. However, we plan on doing more in depth videos of each of our seats and some one-of-a-kind features we offer.

In order to make these movies information and still interesting we tried to incorporate some cool shots of custom seats. We want to know what you think of this video, was it helpful? Did you already know that information? What information would you like to know? etc. You can leave us a comment below or tell us what you thought on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We look forward to your feedback and hope to make some epic videos in the future.