NSX Finalizes Custom Interior with a Set of Custom Racing Seats

The NSX is one of those cars that you’d swear Status Racing Seats were made for. They fit perfect and look awesome. You can’t miss this fire red NSX on the streets, so of course he had to customize his seats to match the cars exterior personality. The interior already has red and carbon accents in it, so he needed a seat that complimented the already custom interior. He went with two Ring GT seats. The Ring GT seats allow you and your passenger to ride in comfort and style, while still feeling secure when rounding those tight corners. His Ring GT’s are decked out with black leather and red stitching on the body and black ultra suede in the middle section. Then to finish his carbon interior look he went with the carbon fiber shell.

The Ring GT is made for people with a 34 inch waist. The waist sizes that we give are a general guideline. We can’t take into account what the person is using the seats for, or how snug they like to feel while driving. For example, a person who will be tracking their car might be a 34 inch waist but want to rock a set of standard ring seats because he needs to feel secure, and in control, while on the track. On the other hand a guy who has a 32 inch waist could get our Status Racing Ring GT-X or Status Racing Spa seat. He might just use his car for daily use and or shows and wants to be as comfortable as possible.

If you’re having trouble with fitment watch this VIDEO or find a Status Racing Dealer closest to you. A lot of our dealers have seats instock and you go try them out for yourself. If you’re looking to customize your seat, check out our Status Racing Icon Seat configurator. Our Racing Seat Configurator allows you to choose any style option you want. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on there, email us at sales@statusracing.com.