Preview of the New Blue Steel Backing

If you got the Zoolander reference, congratulations, we can be friends. If you didn’t, we suggest you rent the movie ASAP, now back to the seats. Over the past couple weeks we’ve been slowly releasing new STÄTUS exclusive seat backs. We are the only ones who offer anything like this in the industry. We’ve released the hexagonal carbon, that people fell in love with. Then we blew their minds with our first colored carbon, they sold the day we got them. Now we are really outdoing ourselves by teasing you with a sexy, fresh, blue carbon, that is sure to turn heads. With the color options of fabric and stitching we have too, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of fabric and stitching, if you saw the photo shoot we did of the hexagonal (honeycomb) carbon. You may have noticed and upgrade that hasn’t been available until now. You can get the STÄTUS logo stitched one color and then have the outlining be a different color. The other icon upgrade you can get is having the STÄTUS logo be stitched on the back of the seat (Scroll to see pictures of both options). Both of those upgrade are through our icon program.

For more information on the blue, red, or hexagonal carbon seats or the icon options, email Tell us what you think of the new blue colored carbon in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.