Sneak Peek of new STÄTUS backing

The idea behind the name STÄTUS is that every car that has a set of our seats, becomes a STÄTUS symbol. People who buy STÄTUS are trailblazers in the tuning industry. We make our seats completely customizable so you can make your seats, as unique as your car. As we grow, we always push the limits and go to the creative edge to please our customers. Today we are proud to announce that we demolished the limit and leaped over the creative edge. Without further adieu, here is the newest STÄTUS Racing Carbon Fiber backing.



There was some fallout when we announced that we had a limited number of Kevlar seat backs left. What we didn’t make clear, was we were already in the process of upgrading and expanding the different type of backings we offer. We have been looking and testing different styles of fabric. The only way to expand as a company is find out what works and what doesn’t. The kevlar got a lot of hype but not a lot of sales. We hope that if our STÄTUS family likes our new carbon fiber backings, they’ll invest in a set of their own. The seats we sell tell us what people like and don’t like. We are really excited to be the only company to offer such a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber backing.



To make your own custom STÄTUS Racing Seats check out our online configurator. We envision this hexagonal, carbon fiber backing, in a black or white C63, a gray GT-R, or in a super sexy gunmetal lambo. What kind of car do you see them in? Win a set of STÄTUS stickers by telling us what kind of car you would put these in. Feel free to add what kind of fabric, stitching and color seats you would install with the new backing. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram @thestatusracing.