STÄTUS Gets Love in S3 Magazine

One of the best parts about working at STÄTUS is that we get to see people create their dream cars with our products. We get orders in from people telling us what kind of car they have. We always give our suggestions, but we are blown away by the creativity people have when it comes to their cars. S3 Magazine features some bad ass rides, that are customized to the nines. We ooooh and ahhhh over all the creations people come up with. The latest Common Ground feature in S3 Magazine bi-line reads, “There is a lot more that binds us than divides us.” That is why we love this industry. You can appreciate so many styles and different point of views from people all over the world. It doesn’t matter what you drive, what you rep, it’s about appreciating what other people have come up with. We think that Yousef Alvi, Brandon Pendred, and Brandon Paul got it right with featuring this car (and our seats of course). Big Shout out to S3 Magazine and those involved in the article.

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