STÄTUS Hits the Shoreline in a Sexy Evo X

This is an awesome photoshoot we got from a customer. The car seem so out of place but, so in-place at the same time. It’s like the new meets the old. The sand softens the look of the car and the hard edges and bold colors give the beach life. This car’s look is screaming in the middle of no where. It’s so loud and yet there’s no one around to hear it. The eeriness of the shoot is awesome for the car. We see shoots all the time of cars like this in fast-pace cityscapes, with tall building hard concrete streets, etc. This scene give so much more than the “traditional” shoot does. So to Thomas Cristiano Valmonte Y Alicante we say thank you for giving us the contemporary contrast of this photoshoot, and thanks for reppin’ our seats!

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