Status Invades Wekfest Japan with Ignition Motor Group

For all of us that might never make it to Japan for Wekfest our dealers have given us a preview of what goes on in the mecca of aftermarket. Ignition Motor Group has been a dealer of ours since the beginning of the year. When he put this seat order in, we knew he had some customer’s with big plans. One being the Honeycomb carbon seat with black leather and custom yellow stitching. Another set of ultra suede Spa’s adorning a sexy blue VW. Another Red on Red combo in a classic NSX. Another customer rockin’ her M3 e46 had sexy purple Avant Garde’s and custom painted purple rotors to match. Then to match the perfect black exterior, she fitted it with black seats inside. They were able to catch a stellar rolling shot of this M3 on the way to the show.

Check out all the Status Racing seats that were showcased. Let us know what your favorite setup is. For any questions about Status Seats, our dealers, or becoming a dealer, email