Status Racing Ring and Ring GT Measurements

If your not sure if you ate to much last weekend or if your sleek physique will fit in a Status Racing seat, we got you covered.  So which seats will fit you?  We took care of the guess work here.  Check out the simple photos below showing measurements of the Ring and Ring GT seats.  We also started a Fitment Gallery here.  Enjoy!

Ring GT Measurements

Ring GT Seat - 32 waist 5'9"

Ring GT Seat - 32 waist 5'9"

Ring GT Thigh Measurement

Ring GT Shoulder Measurement

Ring GT Seat Height

Ring GT Hip Measurement

Ring Measurements

Ring Seat - 36 waist 5'9"

Ring Seat - 32 waist 5'9"

Ring Thigh Measurement

Ring Shoulder Measurement

Ring Seat Height

Ring Hip Measurement