Status Racing SPA Reclineable Seat Sneak Peak

We originally had a sneak peak of the Status Racing SPA reclineable seat back around SEMA 2011.  However that seat was not what we wanted.  We really wanted to bring back the exact product that debuted back in 2005 but was never produced.  Having the original plugs from that seat, we had molds made and began producing the first article.  The SPA will feature a very good upper and lower fitment to give comfort while providing stability.  The SPA will become part of our Icon Configurator where you will be able to spec the look you want or buy a ready to ship SPA Standard product in Black or Red Ultrasuede.  The Standard SPA will only be available in carbon fiber backing where the Icon SPA, also in carbon fiber, will be able to have custom painted backs to match your vehicles exterior or in any color you choose.

We expect a May/June 2012 release on these seats so stay tuned!