Status Seats on Horsepower TV

Whatever your plans are this weekend, make time to watch this weekends episode of Horsepower TV! If you don’t have time to watch it, record it!  Horsepower TV will be putting a set of our Status Racing SPA seats in a vintage 91’ Mustang LV, making the perfect blend of old and new. If you’re into good ole’ fashion American muscle, you’re not going to want to miss this episode. If you’ve never seen the show before they take you through the restoration process of older cars and incorporate new technology to make the car more user friendly, while still preserving the spirit of the original.

If you watch the episode let us know what you think of the Status seats in the Mustang. We want to hear the good and the bad, whatever you think, we want to know. Connect with us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The episode will air this Saturday and Sunday on Spike TV. Check local listings for specific times. Here’s a picture they sent of our seats getting ready for their big debut.