Stealth Scion Reppin the Blue Status Seats

We were cruising around on Instagram and thought we would check out the Status Racing hashtag, best idea yet! There were so many awesome pics of our seats on modded out cars. Although we would have loved to have been tagged, we appreciate the shout out regardless. This was one of the diamonds in the hashtag rough that we came across. This car creation belongs to @patrickheying. He’s rockin a Scion TC with some Work VS wheels and reppin ARC under the hood. But the real standout feature are the cloth blue Status Seats on the inside. With the sexy silver outside, the Status seats are that perfect pop of color that Patrick was looking for.

If you’re like us, you probably have more pictures of cars on their phone, than your kids. True or not, we want to see the pictures you have. Tag us on Instgram @thestatusracing or post them on Facebook or Twitter. We want to see and share what you have!

Shout out to @creamculture and @mattghf for the pictures and @patrickheying for sharing.