The Intimidating Black Stallion

We found these awesome pictures of this this mean looking M3 when we were browsing on Stance Nation. This M3’s so brutal, even just going down the road, cars move out of the way. This M3 exudes dominance. The all black color with the red accents makes it look so fierce. So what do you do when you have a custom car and want to add that last, show winning touch? You get some custom seats to deck out your interior and top off the well-rounded look of the car. This customer went with the all black ultrasuede Status Racing Seats to compliment the other ultrasuede interior pieces. To follow with the all black and red accent look of the car he opted to get a set of our Red, FIA Approved, Status Racing Harnesses to add that pop of color this customer was looking for.

Check out this intimidating black stallion and all the reasons it exemplifies Status Racing so well. Tell us what you think of the combination in the comment section below, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Design your own custom Status Racing seats using out Status Racing Seat Configurator.