The Perfect Seats for a Custom Car

This is one of our favorite custom creations. Everything about this car is unique, starting with its’ name. These STÄTUS seats found a home in a girls SAABaru. A Saabaru 9-3 is essentially a Subaru in Saab clothing. Her car is also unique in that it is wrapped with white gator skin. To top off the custom outside she chose to install two Kevlar backed ring seats with white logo and blue top stitch. This will be an on-going update as we will receive more pictures from her as she continues to build. Until then, here’s her piece of art as of yet. What do you think of the carbon kevlar backs?




Go online and configure your own set of custom status seats. Check back for updates on this custom build. If you have seats of your own you want to show off, post them on Facebook, Twitter @thestatusracing, or Instagram @thestatusracing.