Status Racing Title Sponsors The Drift League 2021 Season

Status Racing has stepped up to title sponsor The Drift League powered by MotoIQ for the 2021 drifting series. The drifting series is a PRO-AM sanction drifting event where hopeful competitors compete to obtain their Formula Drift License. This year is different than any other year as now the events are held at Willow Springs Raceway and are in a “shootout” format instead of a points system. The Drift League in 2019 had four events all with drivers collecting points after each competition and the top 3 received licenses for Formula Drift PROSPEC. However, this year we just have two shootout events where at each event three drivers will be awarded a Formula Drift License!

What seats do they run? They of course run our FIA Head-Containment seat the TURISMO! The Turismo is the ultimate drifting seat AND it’s fully customizable front to back with 60+ colors/materials to truly make it a one-of-one seat.

The Drift League’s first event was just May 16th-May 17th where we had 21 hopeful contenders throw down to obtain their license. Status Racing had a few drivers representing such as George K, Josh S, Richard A, and Jon Shaffer. Jon Shaffer and George K actually already have their PRO Licenses and just enjoy competing with the community in a shootout-style event. George K ended up placing 4th and just missed earning another PRO License in his highly modified 2JZ powered 370Z. The winners were Margaritias Racing in his E46 BMW, Shawn Illingsworth in a 370Z, and Aaron Parker taking 1st in his RX7.

The next event is October 2nd and 3rd and we’re looking forward to the next shootout of competitors and who’s going to take the crown at the event!