Track Ready FR-S infused with STÄTUS Seats

We worked with this FR-S customer for awhile first with one seat, just one seat to see how it feels. Then we went all in with the second seat and all the hardware for his STÄTUS Racing Ring GT-X in Black Cloth and this happy customer has never looked back. The seats hold him firm in the tight corners, giving him more time with the wheel, and less time on the door panel. Which is something that the stock seated FR-S customer can appreciate.

This Scion branded successor to the much beloved AE86 is quite impressive, and is uniquely gifted in the chassis department, but this customer decided why not kick it up a notch with a few goodies here and there. Lets just start with a custom fabricated roll cage and then move on to the bolt-on aero parts like the Voltex Carbon rear spoiler on the deck lid, and  other carbon composites like a front lip, and side skirts. Weds TC105’s are attached to the hubs which are a pleasant change from the monotony of your TE37’s or 57d’s. AP Racing brakes up front make sure this GT86 clone can scrub off enough speed before the turn in and the Invidia exhaust alerts you the minute he powers back on and out of the corner as a friendly reminder that this is now a purpose built, boxer powered, Toyota race car that doesn’t take no grip for an answer.

Check out the STÄTUS Racing Configurator and build yourself a seat.