Update from a Sponsored Subie with “Baller” Interior

This is a 2011 Subaru we sponsored. He got back to us after entering a Subiefest last month. This is what he had to say about the reactions he got from the seats.

“Subiefest was a success! I was able to get Best 2011+ Subaru class. Everyone who passed by the car were in awe with the seats. They really made my interior pop. A lot of my competition was shocked how “baller” my setup was.”

That has to be the number one comment we get from our seats, they make the interior of any car pop. Even if the seats are a standard set of rings with FRP backing, it makes the interior just as impressive as the exterior. If you want to take it to the next level we suggest getting a set of Status Spa Seats that recline and have carbon backing or a set of Status Icon seats that fulfill any of your custom needs. Whether you want to change the fabric option, stitching color or backing, we can make the custom seat of your dreams.

Don’t be normal… Update your Status!

2011 Subaru with Status Racing Seats

2011 Subaru with Status Racing Seats