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All of our seats at Status are designed for a universal fit. With there being thousands of different vehicle models and types, we rely on several different companies who manufacture vehicle-specific mounting brackets. Each of these brackets have a universal base plate on top, that our seats can then be bolted onto.

The two that we recommend are:

  • Planted Technology – offer seat brackets and sliders for many different vehicles. Tried and tested with our Tuner/Recliner Seats.
  • Wedge Brackets – offer seat brackets for 1000’s of vehicles, including many classic models.

For our Tuner and Fixed Back seats, we recommend our own 1/8 inch thick aluminum side mounts designed specifically for the Ring series seats. These side mounts are placed on either side of the seat shell. They can either be connected to a slider mechanism and then the mounting bracket, or directly bolted to the mounting bracket.

The Spa series recliners already have a slider built into them, and can be directly attached to a mounting base.

All of our Classic Series Seats are tabbed on the bottom, with a 14″W x 18″L base measurement (add +2″ for extra wide). Mounting these seats can be achieved with one of our angle mounts, or angle mount and slider mechanism. Both of these are then attached to a vehicle specific mounting bracket.