Seat color locations
Seat color locations

What areas are customizable?

Check out our handy graphic.

What options do you have and what does it cost?

We have on hand over 90 options of fabrics from which to choose. You can select from any of our marine grade vinyl, suede, Cordura® or tweed options for no extra charge.

What is Marine Grade Vinyl?

Traditionally used in boats, Marine grade vinyl is developed to stand up to the elements. The fabric resists UV fading as well as mildew.

Are these colors accurate?

In short, no. These colors are provided here to give you an idea of what we offer. We do not recommend relying on these images to match a paint color. Everyone’s computer, tablet, or cell phone display is different so it is impossible to 100% accurately represent the colors here.

If you’d like color samples sent to you, please email and we can send some out.

*Please note, leather and Ultrasuede samples are not always available. 


Soft, plush and luxurious appeal combined with high functionality and durability.


Premium hides from Wollsdorf Leather


A luxury finish with marine-grade properties (Durable, UV Protected, mold/mildew resistant)


Textured marine-grade options


Marine-grade with a leather-like finish


Breathable woven fabrics. Durable and stain resistant.


For that soft, high-end look.


Extreme durability and strength

Stitch Options