Status Carbon Ring GT-X voted favorite part of Dan Brockett’s Formula Drift Car

Formula Drift Driver Dan Brokett got compliments all season long on the Status Racing Seats in his car and he decided to put together this video to show us what what fans had to say about the car.

Dan Brockett- “they took an entire season of Formula Drift, video shoots, and lots of working on the car inside and out like a champion. They still look brand new!”

What’s New with Dan Brockett?

It’s been a while since we caught up with Dan Brockett. He’s been rockin’ the Formula D circuit hard with our Status Racing Seats. His car has gotten a ton of coverage based off the look as well as the excitement around having Officer Dan as a driver. We’re privileged enough to have direct contact with Dan, so we get the goods first hand.

If you’re familiar with Officer Dan you know he love documenting his journey’s. The Formula D journey is no different. Even with his schedule as packed as it has been on the road, he has still taken time to post blogs, videos and updates on social media and through his blog.

Here are the past couple videos and correspondence we’ve got from the horse’s mouth and if you haven’t already, follow his journey on his Facebook or our Facebook! We have videos below from Pre Season | Long Beach | Atlanta as well as pictures and blogs.

Long Beach

Long Beach Gallery
Atlanta Gallery

Pre Season

Long Beach