Would you Rock these Candy Carbon Status Racing Seats!?

Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell

Here at Status Racing we have been giving our customers the ability to fully personalize their Status Racing seats through our Icon configurator. This has allowed them to build a seat that fits their personal style and vehicle. While we’ve had the ability to change the type of carbon fiber, the shells were limited on color options such as red carbon, blue carbon and yellow Kevlar. These limited choices have led us to experiment with some new exciting candy finishes and we want to know what you think.

Which color is your favorite and would you like to see this option become a reality?


Status Racing Candy Carbon Seats


*These images are only examples and do not reflect the final product*


Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell Candy Status Racing Seat Color Carbon Shell

The Reclinable Status Racing SPA Seats are Back and Available for Pre-order Now!

The Status Racing Spa reclinable seat is making it’s comeback by popular demand and can be pre-ordered today. They’re available in either black, grey or red suede and feature carbon fiber shells which can be configured through the Icon Configurator. Contact your local Status Racing dealer or email Sales@Statusracing.com to pre-order your Status Racing Spa seats today!

The SPA, named after the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, is the venue of the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix and the Spa 24 Hours race. Originally a triangle shape, the course used public roads between the Belgian towns of Spa, Malmedy, and Stavelot. Status Racing has developed this seat in our own unique styling to offer the driver who wants great street comfort and support, while being secured with enhanced bolsters. The back shell of the seat is carbon fiber, though through the Icon Configurator, you can choose to have it be Black Painted or Painted to Match your vehicle paint color. The bottom frame of the seat is metal to ensure the strongest in safety and function.


Click here for more information.



1995-honda-civic-cx-status-racing-spa-icon-carbon-fiber-seats-07 status-spa-red-rear


Rossion Supercars Chooses Status Racing for Competition

A long time ago I was cruising a highway in Spain when 2 Noble M400’s zipped past me on the Gumball 3000 event.  Ever since then, I wanted a Noble.  Well I picked up a Noble M400 last year and it sure was a blast.  But the M400 or M12 GTO was very kit car like and its successor the M15, was not available in the USA.  Well now here in the states, a company by the name of Rossion owns the rights to these cars and has been proving that the mid engine machine is no kit car at all.  What once was a frame built in the UK, a body formed in South Africa, combined with a Ford engine is now a very refined machine known as the Rossion Q1.

The Rossion Q1R Track is a competition version of their street machine featuring a 2.0L single turbocharged Ecoboost engine that makes 323hp and 305ft/lbs of torque.  However for those wanting more power, they can opt for the 3.0L Duratec engine that gives you a blistering 500hp and 500ft/lbs of torque.  Complete with aerodynamic upgrades, a full roll cage, fire suppression system, the Q1R is the ultimate track machine.  So the guys at Rossion decided to try out a better, American made seat, known as the Status Racing Ring GT-X.  The FIA approved seat fits all the needs of safety for this competition car.  Included with the seats is a pair of FIA approved 6 point harnesses.

We are very happy to see the Status Racing FIA approved seat in true race car and cant wait to get more updates and pictures from the Rossion team.  Read more about Rossion Cars here and view all our Status Racing FIA Approved Seats here.






New Status Racing Cloth Seat

Our standard cloth seats have been the cornerstone for Status Racing. It is our most popular seat out of all the options. With any company we are constantly trying to upgrade our product and make it the best it can be.

We’re excited to announce the release of our new 2014 Cloth seat. The material is more durable and easier to clean. After talking to Status Racing customers and using the seats ourselves, something that could withstand the daily use of getting in and out was necessary. This canvas-like material also gives a richer look to the seats. Although the cloth look stellar in most cars, at the end of the day, the cloth was not the ideal fabric to have for daily drivers. This new cloth gives you a high-class look with long lasting durability.

If you’re interested in purchasing a new cloth seat please email sales@vividracing.com or find a Status dealer near you. Check out pictures of the new cloth seat and let us know what you think. You can tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook or Instagram. See full gallery here.











Status Invades Wekfest Japan with Ignition Motor Group

For all of us that might never make it to Japan for Wekfest our dealers have given us a preview of what goes on in the mecca of aftermarket. Ignition Motor Group has been a dealer of ours since the beginning of the year. When he put this seat order in, we knew he had some customer’s with big plans. One being the Honeycomb carbon seat with black leather and custom yellow stitching. Another set of ultra suede Spa’s adorning a sexy blue VW. Another Red on Red combo in a classic NSX. Another customer rockin’ her M3 e46 had sexy purple Avant Garde’s and custom painted purple rotors to match. Then to match the perfect black exterior, she fitted it with black seats inside. They were able to catch a stellar rolling shot of this M3 on the way to the show.

Check out all the Status Racing seats that were showcased. Let us know what your favorite setup is. For any questions about Status Seats, our dealers, or becoming a dealer, email sales@statusracing.com.










Double Diamond Design Pioneered by our Customer

Our G37 customer is starting  a new Status trend. Similar to the double diamond complexity on a ski slope, our double diamond stitch seats are also upping their style complexity. It makes us think what the next Status pioneer will come up with.   He went with our luxurious Status Racing Spa Reclinable seats. The black suede makes your interior opulent, but then you add the double-diamond stitching and this thing makes a statement where ever it goes.

We always say it, but we’ll say it again. We CUSTOM make seats. Our people in Washington custom make every seat that is ordered. If you have a style design, color scheme, certain fabric type, we will work with you to create the seats of your dreams. We will post pictures of the seats once they are installed. Until then, tell us what you think of our very first ever double-diamond stitched Status seats.




Fiebruz Motorsports Joins the Status Family

We are really excited to have Fiebruz Motorsports representing the Status Racing name in Puerto Rico. They just recieved their shipment of Status seats and this is one good looking army of seats. The color combinations of stitching and fabric are perfect for the drivers wanting something out of he box, but still classic enough for a daily. We are excited to see all the tuners south of the border rocking Status Racing.

If you’re in Puerto Rico, or any of the surrounding countries, Fiebruz is going to be your Status Racing headquarters. If their site is any indication of the quality of work they do, then you’re in good hands.  We want to thank Fiebruz for sending us these pictures, check them out here.


Status Represents at Back-to-Back Events

This past weekend was an awesome experience. We met so many people from all different backgrounds and were able to show them the Status brand and why it is different than other seat brands out there. Some people we spoke with were unfamiliar with the industry but thought that the idea of buying a whole new set of seats was kind of crazy. Then we talked with other people who had heard of the brand but had never seen the product in person. Across the board, we were excited to get the Status brand in front of people at the Xtreme Xperience event with Vivid Racing. As well as, the grand opening of Murica Motorsports.

The Vivid Racing Meet Up and Xtreme Xperience Track day was awesome. Getting outside on a Saturday to watch people’s dreams of tracking a supercar come true was awesome. The meet up was great because we got to see local people come out and represent their build, but also meet people who aren’t as familiar with the car scene. After representing at the Xtreme Xperience event we packed up and headed over to the grand opening of Murica Motorsports.

The guys who started Murica Motorsports have been in the local car scene for a while, so we knew this event was going to be packed with custom rides. They didn’t disappoint! We don’t just like them because of their connect with the local car scene. We like them for their grass-root foundation. Like us, they are taking a relational approach to business. Building up a name through relationships with customers and selling a product that is backed by quality and integrity. Congrats to Murica, we are excited to work with you in the future.

Below are a mix of pictures from Xtreme Xperience and the Murica Motorsports event. Check out all the supercars that were out at the Xtreme Xperience event HERE. Check out all the photo from the Murica event HERE. If you were at either event and got pictures in our seats be sure to tag us in them #statusracing.





Officer Dan Headed to Formula D in LB with Sexy Ring GT-X Seats

At the beginning of this month we announced our partnership with the zany, Officer Dan (aka Dan Brockett). As previously mentioned he will be running Status Racing seats in the Drift 4 video and his up coming events in the Formula Drift series.

We have been working with Dan and his team on the details of the partnership for a while now, but once it was a go, we had to rush his seats to get done in time for Long Beach next weekend. Another great reason why it rocks to have seats made in america, you can have a customized seat rushed, without losing quality or worrying about overseas shipping. Even though the order was rushed, we were able to grab some pictures before they left the warehouse in Washington. (Scroll for pictures)

Dan is a tall guy, so we got him fitted with our FIA Approved, Status Racing Ring GT-X seats with Carbon Fiber backing. He designed the fabric and stitching combination himself. He went with black ultra suede on the outer part of the seat and gray ultra suede, topped off with neon yellow diamond stitching down the middle. He used the neon stitching around the edge of the white logo. To go along with his FIA approved seats, he needed some FIA approved Status Racing 6 point harnesses.

Below are pictures of the seats in Washington, about to be shipped off. The second set of pictures, are ones that Dan posted on Facebook when he got the seats! We can’t wait to see them in the car and tearing it up on the track next weekend. Let us know what you think of the seat design. Tell us in the comment section below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.




See the rest of the production photos HERE.













Status Racing Teams Up with Officer Dan and the HPPD

We are proud to announce our partnership with the infamous Officer Dan of the HPPD. If you’re never heard of Officer Dan, then we’re going to assume you don’t spend that much time on YouTube. The first “Drift Battle” Video was released by Icon Motorsports in 2011. It was a sexy 93 Rx7 pushing out 375 horsepower, racing a 05 Kawasaki ZX-10 with 175 hp and an extended swingarm. It was an awesome video with tons of tire shredding and sideways slow-mo’s. It racked up a couple million views within the first couple months of being out. After the success of Drift Battle 1, they decided to recreate the epic battle, but with more of a story line. Enter, Officer Dan.

Officer Dan, of the High Plains Police Department, played by Dan Brockett has one goal in life, to catch two rowdy motorcyclists played by Ernie Vigil and Nick “APEX” Brocha. Officer Dan is equipped with more than your average PD vehicle. This 550 horsepower Ford Mustang Cobra was made to chase down the baddest drift cyclists around. The Drift 2 video takes place on windy road where you get some awesome shots of the chase ensuing (see below). This is where Officer Dan really made a name for himself. He was brought on for Drift 3 and now the Drift 4 video.

Although he loves the law, he also has a passion for drift, which is why he’s decided to pursue a career in Formula D and we are lucky enough to supply him with some bad ass custom seats! We are excited to welcome Dan Brockett, and his team, to the Status family. Keep an eye out for what he does in Long Beach on April 4-5. If you want to keep up with him and all his crazy escapades, check out his site here. We will be posting updates and behind the scenes info about the upcoming Drift 4 video, so stay tuned!

Here is Drift 2 and 3 with some other pictures of Officer Dan on, and off duty.