Chasing the Tuner Dream

When we came across this experienced tuner, he was rockin a set of our Status Racing Ring GT-X seats in his BMW M3, a dream tuner car for most. However, this tuner had a different dream car in mind. He had come across this right-side drive hatch back civic in 2006. It was love at first sight. He went on with his BMW, but as luck would have it, he ran across that same hatchback Honda years later. After passing it on the road, he went online to find the owner and see how he could own the car of his dreams.

After an online chase, he got a hold of the owner and proposed a trade. He kept his Status seats and traded the guy for his dream Civic. After the excitement wore off, it was time to get to work. Although the hatchback was everything he wanted, it was a little more worn than he remembered. The interior build turned out just as stunning as the exterior. He put red carpet in the front to match his Red cloth Ring GT-X Status Racing Seats with FRP backing. He has some upgrades from SPOON as well as harnesses and a harness bar to make sure he’s firmly planted in that car.

Goes to show hard work and persistence pays off. If you were inspired by this car you can read more about his build from his article in Honda Tuning. If you want to own your own set of Status Racing Ring GT-X seats you can get a set for under $2000! Email sales@statusracing or find a dealer near you if you’re interested.