Sex in the Form of a Red Audi RS4

This customer’s photoshoot really captures the essence of what a Status Icon Seat is all about. This car oozes sex and individuality. Not only is it hot enough to be a wheel model for Avant Garde, but it’s a beast on the track too. But the best part about this Audi RS4 owner, is that his mod list doesn’t stop with the exterior. The pictures allow you to get up close and personal with all the features that make a Status seat unique. There is the custom Red stitching over the black Ultrasuede. The carbon fiber back that is sturdy enough to feel secure, but light enough to not add weight to the car. The seats effortlessly compliment the already carbon accented interior with the flair of the red stitching. The seats pull the already distinct interior together and then make it exceptional.

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Drool Away!