Sexy RS4 Doin’ Work on the Track

Another super pumped Status customer rippin’ up the race track. After we sold the seats to this guy we didn’t hear from him for a while. Wondering if he was satisfied with the seats or not, we finally got this email from him along with this awesome preview to what he’s been using his seats for. He said he will send more pictures but until then, this is what he had to say about his experience with his Status Racing Seats,


First off I really must apologize for not speaking with you sooner. Life has been absolutely crazy for me the past few weeks/months but things are beginning to slow down and I am happy to report I am loving the seats.

Install went great other than the stock seats having airbags in them which took me a couple weeks to get around not having the airbag light on the dash.

I have attended probably 6 autocross this year and the seats shined especially well in their performance at these events. Status Racing was listed as a sponsor of my car at all of these events an i had countless people drooling over the seats and asking to take closer looks and sit in them. Definitely the centerpiece of the car. I plan on doing 2 more auto crosses this season and probably a few test and tune nights at the drag strip this fall.

I have attached below a photo of the car in action at the SCCA Solo National Match Tour event at Grissom Air Force Base in Peru, IN. I run the car on 18″ enkei’s with Hoosier R compound tires for events.  The car was a hit….easily one the top 5 fastest daily driver 4 doors there out of 200+ cars. Everyone was interested in it and I think I can honestly say not one person who looked inside went without commenting on the seats.

Thanks again”

It’s amazing to hear the stories and see the places our seats get to travel. If you have an update on what you’ve been doing with your seat, email it to