Status Racing FIA Approved Seat Put to the Test

This is one of the cars we sponsored, and after seeing the pictures, you’ll know why. There are two reasons people buy Status Racing seats. The first being that we have the Icon version that is fully customizable and will drastically improve any interior. The second reason is people need to have a bad ass FIA approved race seat for their Dope Life as a weekend racer. That’s exactly why we chose to sponsor this particular car.

Here are the specs,

  • 94 SC300 with a 1jz
  • custom air to water intercooler
  • precision 6265 billet wheel 62mm turbo e85 through a custom fuel system
  • a set of 1650cc fuel injector clinic injectors
  • 10 fuel lines

The car makes 500hp @ 23psi through a built r154 trans and a 4.27 rear end. It sits on a set of BC Racing BR type coils has a custom set of steering knuckles and battle version the rods. This driver is on track to get his FD license next year. Check out the pictures of this car rippen around and let us know what you would use your Status seats for? Are you in the first school of thought? Or the second? Would your custom Status Racing Seats before show or function? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter @thestatusracing or tag us on Instagram of you putting your Status Racing Seats to use. See more photos in our FIA Approved Seats Album.